New BittBoy from Retromimi Review

Gaming for me started with my brothers Gameboy. I would watch him play Pokemon Red for ages, and then I would jump in when he got bored. I don’t remember playing many games, but the little music that played when having a Pokemon battle in engrained in my mind. The New BittBoy from Retromimi tries to emulate the Gameboys design, but with it being smaller and lighter falls short of what I would of liked.

BittBoy from Retromimi Review

You can play more than just your legally backed up Gameboy games though, this pack’s emulators for:

  • Game Boy
  • Game Boy Color
  • NES
  • Sega Master System
  • Sega Mega Drive
  • SNES
  • GBA
  • NeoGeo Arcade
  • MAME

Though I will say the emulators are pretty hit and miss. NES games play perfectly and work great. Though Gameboy games are glitchy and can slow down very quickly. Most games I played just looked terrible and made me pine for an Original Gameboy to play on.

New BittBoy from Retromimi

BittBoy from Retromimi Review

The IPS screen looks great though. When games work, the screen makes them look fantastic. But my model of the Bittboy protective panel fell off and needed to be re-glued back on. The D-pad feels cheap, while the other buttons feel great and are responsive. The interface is a bit shoddy, with it not being that easy to navigate. It needs a community build which I can install over, so maybe the brains out there can get a better OS.

BittBoy from Retromimi Review

After using it for a couple of weeks, I will say that overall I am disappointed. It’s a cheap feeling device running emulators some of which don’t work out that well. I have seen the Retroflag Gameboy case, which packs a Raspberry Pi into a GameBoy style case. This will be my next attempt at handheld emulation. Finally, check out our other Gaming reviews.

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