NAIPO Massager Shoulder & Neck Review

The NAIPO Shoulder and Neck Massager uses heat and Shiatsu kneading for any shoulder or neck pain. This is to be used by you, allowing full control of speed, location and heat.

NAIPO Massager Shoulder & Neck Massager Review

You put your arms through the slings on the end of each “arm” and use your own strength to put pressure onto the affected areas. There are three strength levels to choose from, and a heat setting which is great for winter.

The NAIPO Shoulder and Neck Massager is designed for use on those two areas. But, I have used it on various points on my body including arm and thighs. This has worked great. There are 8 deep-kneading nodes so this can be used anywhere on your body.

NAIPO Massager Shoulder & Neck Massager Features

  • Professional Shiatsu Massage
  • Advanced Heating Function
  • Adjustable Massaging Intensity
  • Suitable for the Whole Family

This thing also comes with a car plug. So after work when I am driving back, I can use this on my lower back and keep it there for the whole car ride. It’s a great little addition and works great. My biggest beef I had is that it isn’t cordless. A number of times I would be using it and the cord would pull out.

NAIPO Massager Shoulder & Neck Massager Review

The other issue I had was it is big. It’s not something that can be packed and stored very easily. Forget about bringing this with you on trips as well.

NAIPO Massager Shoulder & Neck Massager Review

Overall I am still a fan of the NAIPO Shoulder and Neck Massager. Also, it’s easy to use and set up. The options for different modes are great and it can be used on various parts of the body. It’s bulky, but I am not really after bringing it everywhere with me. The price is low and its a great present for Mothers day.Finally, check out our other lifestyle reviews.

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