Nacon MG-X Pro for Android Review

Nacon MG-X Pro for Android



Boasting all the control options of a traditional controller, the Nacon MG-X Pro for Android provides all the comfort and precision gamers need to enjoy their favourite games on any phone up to 6.7 inches (152.4 mm). Attach your Android smartphone to the adjustable support and connect the controller via Bluetooth: that’s all it takes to start your platformer, FPS, racing or fighting game session!

I’ve been looking for a decent controller to play Games on my S20 Ultra. So was very interested in this particular controller. The ergonomics are great and everything feels very familiar. The general button layout, analogue joysticks and trigger buttons conform to the accepted standards.

Nacon MG-X Pro for Android Review

Nacon MG-X Pro for Android Review

Build quality and overall construction are very good and surfaces in the places where needed are rubberised and do feel pretty durable and can imagine travelling with it. Battery life was fully charged seem pretty good I managed to squeeze out a couple of hours of gaming without the need for recharging. The initial setup is relatively straightforward.

It has a nice textured grip on the back; although, it is only embedded in the plastic. The MG-X (non-pro) has a rubberized section with a grip that I do prefer, but this isn’t a deal-breaker. It has analogue triggers that feel great and work identically to the Xbox One S controller. Buttons, joysticks, etc. are all nearly identical to an Xbox One S controller. The ABXY buttons having correct proportions and spacing does feel better than the much smaller, tighter-spaced ABXY buttons on the MG-X (non-pro). D-pad feels great and works well. Joysticks are responsive, accurate, etc.

The telescoping feature is VERY different from the MG-X (non-pro). The MG-X is super tight around the phone, which is great for that more compact form factor, but sometimes a pain to wrap around your phone. The MG-X Pro is not NEARLY as tight, but also adds a front lip on the Right and Left front sides of the grip, which helps hold the phone in place against the backside telescope section. I was worried this would not hold my phone as well, but with those extra extrusions on the right and left, it actually feels secure enough to me, and it is a lot easier to get your phone in and out of it.

Overall, the Nacon MG-X Pro for Android is a much-needed upgrade to the MG-X (non-pro).

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