mymo Run Sensor Review

mymo Run Sensor



Your mymo Run Sensor measures your gait and uses artificial intelligence to match your running style to all the latest shoes on the market. Use mymo as many times as you like in the comfort of your environment (at home, in the gym, at the park or on the track).

mymo Run Sensor Review

Get access to real-time gait data and all the latest road shoes suitable for your running style. Mymo plus provides you with a great range of value-added running and training content including, strength & core sessions, weekly Pilates classes specifically for runners and access to injury prevention videos to help you get fitter, stronger and stay injury-free for longer.

What’s included with the mymo Run Sensor:

  • x1 mymo run sensor, sock & free mobile app download (iOS and Android)
  • 1-month free subscription to mymo plus (£3.95 per month, cancel at any time thereafter)
  • Weekly Pilates classes specifically for runners
  • Physio-led strength and core exercises
  • Access to injury prevention videos, a sports therapist and personal coaching

The Mymo sensor is a small pod, that fits inside the include neoprene sock. Once inside, it will run a test on each foot, these will last around one minute. You need to run on a flat surface, the data is then fed to Mymo which then generates a 94.6% accuracy report. 

Setup is easy, press the button on the mymo and link it to the app on your device via Bluetooth. It then runs you through the whole process, which includes calibration. You then need to repeat the process on the other foot.

You can then go to the Test Results tab to see the results. I ran the test 5 times on both feet and the results did vary a tad, which was an interesting discovery. The results were very heavy in runner tech babble, which I found a tad confusing at times.

mymo Run Sensor Review

Once all the data has been looked at you can then start looking at shoes. I saw a list of men’s shoes, all perfect for my running gait. A nice touch is that they aren’t links to shops, they are simply there to inform. I think where the app is lacking is information for potential buyers. I’d like to know why these are the best shoes for me.

I think for seasoned runners, the mymo Run Sensor will be laughed out the door. But for new runners, this is a fantastic start. You can test your gait and then see ta list of shoes to pick from.

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