MUSYNX Nintendo Switch Review




Experience MUSYNX, the new music game sensation! Featuring classic hardcore rhythm gameplay mechanics! Musynx on Nintendo Switch was originally released on iTunes and the play store. They decided to make the leap into console gaming, but did they succeed?

MUSYNX Nintendo Switch Review

Musynx doesn’t pull any punches and drops you right into the fray. You start picking a song after turning the game on. There is no tutorial and the menu system is slim. There is also no favourite or system to the layout of the songs. They seemed to group around a theme.

MUSYNX Nintendo Switch Review

The gameplay is super simple. Tracks use 4 or 6 keys, these can be re-mapped to buttons on the Switch. You can hold them down if needed and release when asked. You are ranked on which tracks are missed, and then you get a total score at the end of the song.

MUSYNX Nintendo Switch Review

I loved that they utilise the touchscreen for this. You can either use physical buttons or the touchscreen. I would say for me, the touchscreen was easier to use. But the pro-controller works just as well when playing in docked mode.

This ain’t no Guitar Hero. There wasn’t a single track I recognised in the long list of Asian inspired music. But I will say that a lot of them were fun to play still. It almost made the game more fun to play as you didn’t know the beat.

Each song will have a different background and theme. These look really good and add to the overall aesthetic of the game. I would like to be able to pick a specific theme for a track.

MUSYNX Nintendo Switch Review

This is a simple minimalistic game. It’s not gonna bog you down with tutorials or lots of scrolling for songs. It knows what you want, and will give you instant access to start playing songs. Finally, check out our other gaming reviews.

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