Mujjo Tech Case Review

Mujjo Tech Case



The Mujjo Tech Case helps you keep everything together, untangled and easy to find. It’s a smart way to carry your tech accessories, and easy organisation for chargers, adaptors, cables & spares.

I love the zipped exterior pocket and the internal dividers & two-way elasticated pockets. It opens wide for easy access and is made from waterproof vegan leather, recycled nylon & waterproof lining.

Foam-padded pockets are specially designed to keep your gadgets safe. Made strong, down to the last stitch, so you can enjoy it for years. The straps are attached with rivets – the strongest way to join two pieces of fabric. Waterproof fabric and lining made from recycled materials. Using fewer pieces and seams in our patterns makes our bags lighter and less bulky.

Mujjo Tech Case Review

We travel with two adults and two teenagers. A number of technical accessories come together: memory cards, charging cables, headphones, power supplies, adapters, etc. With this bag, you have everything neatly together and don’t have to search through different bags all the time. Also, this task could of course also be fulfilled by another bag, such as a cosmetic bag.

But I particularly like the numerous inner pockets and compartments in this one. Also, the cables don’t get tangled all the time. In addition, the workmanship is neat and tasteful.

Overall, the Mujjo Tech Case really fulfils its purpose and is manufactured to a high quality.

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