Moshi iVisor AG iPad Screen Protector Review

Moshi iVisor AG iPad Screen Protector



Moshi iVisor AG iPad Screen Protector is an advanced anti-reflective screen protector specifically re-designed to protect your iPad’s gorgeous touch screen while reducing smudges. Unlike other screen protectors that require tedious installation procedures and often result in unwanted air bubbles or hindered touch screen performance, Moshi’s proprietary design and patented technology allows the iVisor AG to be installed in seconds without any air bubbles, making it the easiest screen protector to install on the market today.

Moshi iVisor AG iPad Screen Protector Review

Moshi iVisor AG iPad Screen Protector Review

Furthermore, its special EZ-Glide™ top layer treatment effectively reduces finger glide friction on the iPad. Taking the touch screen manoeuvrability experience to a higher level. iVisor AG also employs a second-generation anti-reflective film where clarity is retained and speckling is minimized. If you are looking for an easy-to-install screen protector, with excellent clarity and anti-smudge properties, then iVisor AG is the perfect solution for you!

In the box along with the Screen Protector, you get a cleaning cloth for removing dust, fingerprints, and other debris. Once all is clean, you just line up the corners and press down. This left my iPad with zero bubbles! This is mainly due to the frame being the only part that sticks down. You can also just peel off and wash with water to re-apply again. You will need to allow time to get used to the screen protector. I say this, as it feels different compared to the naked iPad screen.

The iVisor helped reduce the number of fingerprints I normally leave on the iPad. This is especially true after a couple of hours of browsing. It dramatically improved my sketching ability on the iPad, as the frictionless screen protector helped reduce finger drag.

One point I did notice was on bright white, there is a slight parallax/rainbow effect. But, this is very hard to notice unless you are looking for it.

Overall, if you are someone who uses an iPad then pick yourself up a Moshi iVisor AG iPad Screen Protector.

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