Mohsi SnapTo Magnetic Slim Wallet Review

Mohsi SnapTo Magnetic Slim Wallet



The Mohsi SnapTo Magnetic Slim Wallet is a minimalist wallet that fits that one important card. Leaving your bulky bag at home and letting you carry only the essentials. The built-in SnapTo magnetic array allows you to easily attach and detach from Moshi SnapTo cases and the tap-and-go pass-through lets you scan transport or payment cards with ease.

Mohsi SnapTo Magnetic Slim Wallet Review

Moshi’s SnapTo magnetic technology easily attaches to other products in the SnapTo family. When leaving the house I can just secure the SnapTo Slim Wallet with ease. It then stays in place when coming in and out of my pocket. But, I can also remove it if needed, which is a nice addition.

There is no reader protection, which allows you to tap and pay. But, this does then offer no protection against card scanners. I can see why this was done, as this is all about efficiency and ease of use. A built-in layer of magnetic shielding material prevents the SnapTo array from interfering with magnetic strips such as those found on credit or payment cards.

Mohsi SnapTo Magnetic Slim Wallet Review

Crafted from premium vegan leather, the SnapTo Slim Wallet is animal-friendly, while its weather-resistant treatment protects against rain and spills. For added protection, Moshi’s proprietary NanoShield™ anti-microbial treatment kills germs and bacteria upon contact. NanoShield™ targets microbes at the cellular level, inhibiting their ability to reproduce and cause infection.

Overall, the Mohsi SnapTo Magnetic Slim Wallet is a nice addition to the SnapTo family. Instead of forcing your card inside your case, you now have a removable slim wallet.

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