Minecraft Bedrock Nintendo Switch Review

Minecraft Bedrock Nintendo Switch



Minecraft on the Nintendo Switch is a game about placing blocks and going on adventures. Explore randomly generated worlds and build amazing things from the simplest of homes to the grandest of castles. Play in creative mode with unlimited resources or mine deep into the world in survival mode, crafting weapons and armour to fend off the dangerous mobs.

Minecraft Bedrock Nintendo Switch Review

This is a review of the newer Minecraft: Bedrock Edition, and not Minecraft: Nintendo Switch Edition. 

The first big thing I noticed when booting up the new Bedrock edition of Minecraft was the Microsoft account button. This is what is needed to use the cross-platform elements of the game, so I just logged in with my outlook account and was ready to go. I’d recommend jumping through this little hoop, as it means purchases, texture packs etc are all carried across. Also, it gives you Microsoft achievements, even in there original pop up form, which is a nice touch.

Minecraft Bedrock Nintendo Switch

Local multiplayer is a great option on the Switch. This allows for up to 4 players on split-screen to play. You can also do handheld wireless sessions, allowing you all to bring a Switch and play.

Minecraft Bedrock Nintendo Switch Review

Realms is a big addition to Minecraft on the Switch. This allows you to create a world for you and up to 10 friends to have sole access to. This costs around £5 for 30 days, £20 for 180 days. I am not a hardcore Minecrafter so I don’t think this would appeal to me, but the option is there.

The marketplace can be used to purchase texture packs and skins, this is all done with Minecoins. The Mario Mashup Pack comes free for any Switch purchase. The big part of the Marketplace is Worlds! You can now purchase and download worlds created by other players onto your Switch. You can also import old worlds if needed, I did find Redstone had some problems on these imported worlds.

Minecraft Bedrock Nintendo Switch Review

A lot of the inner workings have been upgraded as well. Things like draw distance can be altered and still performs at 60 Fps at 1080p. Simulation distance can be changed as well if you want to make sure crops grow as you explore the world. There is a bug where it seems if the save file is too big this can cause graphic issues, but I haven’t encountered this yet.

Overall, the Bedrock edition of Minecraft on the Switch is a feature-rich update. It plays well and is coming up to the PC version in regards to features. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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