Minecraft 1.20: Trails and Tales – A New Chapter of Creativity and Exploration

The world of Minecraft is continually evolving, with each update providing players with a fresh perspective, innovative features, and an enriched gameplay experience. The latest addition to this line-up is the Minecraft 1.20 update, fondly known as “Trails and Tales”. This update is a tribute to storytelling and creativity, a theme that perfectly resonates with the essence of Minecraft.

Minecraft 1.20: Trails and Tales – A New Chapter of Creativity and Exploration

A Peek into the Themes

Before the release, Mojang had hinted at the themes of this update: self-expression, creativity, and intrinsic motivation. The game developers stressed the importance of not making Minecraft feel like a grind, but rather, a platform for players to create and explore out of inspiration. The update is aptly named as it encourages players to trail their paths and tell their own tales.

New Features

With Trails and Tales, Minecraft welcomes a spectrum of new features that revolve around the themes of the update. Some of these include new aesthetic blocks, a functional bookshelf, and the introduction of exploration and adventure options with the camel mount and archaeology feature, which are exclusive to the deserts of the Minecraft world.

New Blocks and Mobs

The 1.20 update brings with it a variety of new blocks and mobs. These are all designed to enable players to personalize their builds and tell stories through their creations. Bamboo and cherry blossom wood types, chiseled bookshelves, patterned pots, and hanging signs are among the new blocks available for players to discover and utilize.

The chiseled bookshelf is a unique addition due to its redstone signal capability. Depending on the number of books it holds, it can emit a redstone signal, which could potentially power secret doors. The shelf doesn’t have an inventory UI, and players can place books on it by clicking on it with a book in hand, or remove books by pointing and clicking with an empty hand.

As for the mobs, Minecraft 1.20 introduces the camel and the sniffer. The camel, a new desert-dwelling mount, can seat two players, allowing friends to travel together without needing separate mounts. The camel also possesses a unique horizontal dash ability, perfect for crossing ravines. On the other hand, the sniffer is an extinct mob that players can resurrect using their eggs found through archaeology. Once hatched, sniffers use their large snouts to dig up ancient seeds for players to plant.

Archeology Feature

The 1.20 update also brings forth an exciting archeology feature. With the new brush tool, players can remove “suspicious sand” to discover pottery shards, hidden tools, bones, sniffer eggs, and much more. If players are keen-eyed, they might also find trail ruins, unearthing the remains of an entire ancient settlement.

Cherry Blossom Biome

In a delightful surprise, Mojang introduced a new biome in the 1.20 update – the cherry blossom biome. With beautiful pink trees filling the horizon, this biome provides players with stunning scenery. The trees can be broken down and crafted into a full wood set, including the new hanging signs and cherry tree saplings. This biome is inhabited by pigs, sheep, and bees, attracted to the blossoms, adding life to this beautiful landscape.

Armor Trim

Minecraft 1.20 also introduces armor trim, a colorful customization for all armor pieces. Players can find smithing templates in the world and use them at a smithing table toquote(“Minecraft 1.20 introduces armor trim”, “fit for a king”)

This update is already available now!

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