Mighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch Review

Mighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch ReviewMighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch



Mighty Switch Force! Collection on Nintendo Switch! Switch up the fun with four games in one! As cybernetic peacekeeper Officer Patricia Wagon, you’ll use your platforming skills, puzzle-solving abilities, and special level-altering Siren Helmet to protect the people of Planet Land and smash enemies into the screen! In Mighty Switch Force! and its HD remake, Mighty Switch Force! HyperDrive Edition, you’ll zap foes while “switching” blocks from the foreground to the background (and vice versa) as you track down the delinquent Hooligan Sisters in each stage.

Then, in Mighty Switch Force! 2, Officer Wagon trades in her Pellet Gun for a fire hose as she extinguishes a dangerous blaze and rescues would-be victims. Finally, in Mighty Switch Force! Academy, you’ll put the trainees through their paces in expansive HD stages with co-op and versus modes for up to four players. The future of lighthearted law enforcement is here!

Mighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch Review

Mighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch Trailer

Mighty Switch Force! is a Mega Man clone, with a big focus on solving puzzles. You are tasked with collecting incidents littered through the game’s levels. You have an ability to bring blocks in and out of existence and this is the main element of the puzzle solving. This is all done with a blaster for taking out enemies.

Each block colour has a different ability. Yellow allows you to walk across them. Pink shoot you across the level, red and blue blocks stay locked in as long as you are touching them. Halfway through the game, I found myself getting annoyed at the puzzles on the level. They aren’t hard but take a while to try out. This is deliberate as it gives you a greater feeling of accomplishment when you complete a level.

Mighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch Review

The second game switches the blaster for a hose. You now have to shoot enemies and fire to get around the level. The rest feels a lot of the same. The third is a PC exclusive and features the whole game on one screen. This means no side-scrolling and makes the whole thing a lot easier.

Mighty Switch Force: Hyper Drive Edition is a remastered version of the first game, with HD graphics. This plays really well in docked mode and takes full advantage of the upscaling.

Mighty Switch Force! Collection Nintendo Switch Review

Comparing this to the Castlevania collection I reviewed earlier, I am a little disappointed. There’s no artwork, no soundtrack, nothing extra that would make you get this collection.

I am impressed by Wayforwards port of these games to the Switch. They play well, graphics look great and it feels built for the Switch. My issue is the lack of any extras that would entice people to buy this collection. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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