Microplane Gourmet Series Dual Grater Review

Microplane Gourmet Series Dual Grater



The Microplane Gourmet Series Dual Grater is the perfect tool for your kitchen, complete with 2 blades on one handheld grater – fine and coarse. Use the fine blade for ingredients such as citrus fruits, hard cheeses and spices, whereas the coarse blade is more suited towards soft cheese, root vegetables and fruits.

Part of the Microplane Gourment series, this dual grater has a hanging loop for easy storage on your kitchen racks and non-slip feet for added safety. Saves on valuable kitchen drawer space too!

The grater is sturdily constructed and works very well for hard cheeses like parmesan and pecorino – and also for zesting citrus fruit, but I struggled when I was trying to grate a carrot with it. This may be down to the fact that I was aware the teeth on this thing are terrifyingly sharp and felt there was a danger of inadvertently adding extra protein to the meal.

Microplane Gourmet Series Dual Grater Review

It’s sensibly shaped and rests safely at a good angle on a chopping when you’re using it. I would, however, recommend donning a safety glove when you’re using.

The peeler works well for veg like carrots, but I find that y-shape design awkward for potatoes and apples, etc. (Perhaps it’s just me being cack-handed!) However, the julienne cutter is an absolute star … It’s so easy to use and produces great results with minimal effort.

Overall, the Microplane Gourmet Series Dual Grater is a fantastic addition to your kitchen drawer.

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