The Original MEATER True Wireless Meat Thermometer Review

The Original MEATER



My oven is broken – the seal has gone and despite my best DIY attempts to fix it, I am currently working from instinct when it comes to the actual temperature I’m cooking at. It’s not too bad but certainly makes timings tricky. This is where the MEATER comes in – and I will probably keep using it even after my oven is fixed.

The problem I have at the moment usually comes down to heat escaping the oven. The MEATER is set up with two temperature sensors which has been a blessing when my oven says it’s 20C hotter than it truly is. One sensor sits inside the meat, monitoring the internal temperature. The other is external and registers the ambient oven temperature. All of it links with the app to help you cook your perfect meat dish.

The wireless probe is the first of its kind on the market. All of the tech is contained within the sleek probe, and the Bluetooth connection allows you to monitor your cooking in real time. The Guided Cook System walks you through each step of the cooking process which has been a wonderful way to get my meals tasting perfect. When you use the Guided Cook System for steak, for example, you select your preferred done-ness, hit start and wait for the timer to run down. It will then give you a rest period for your meat. I’ve had almost flawless results with the app and I’ve been surprised by how good the app is for a proprietary product.

I’ve only used MEATER in my oven so far, but I’ve been impressed with the range. The MEATER store gives an expected range of 10m for oven cooking, but if you’re wanting to use it in a smoker or kettle grill you may be restricted to the vicinity of your food as they suggest a 3m range for these methods of cooking.

Key Specs

  • Internal sensor maximum 100C
  • External sensor maximum 275C
  • Made with stainless steel and heat resistant ceramic
  • Comes with a bamboo charging dock
  • Sticks to metal with magnetic backing

The probe is battery powered. It works entirely from a single AAA battery that is housed in the bamboo charging dock, and you should get up to 100 charges before the battery needs replacing. The bamboo dock looks stylish and I’ve stuck mine using the magnets to my cooker hood so it’s easy to reach.

Yes, this is an expensive thermometer but only if you look at it as ‘just’ a thermometer. In reality, this is a sleek bit of tech that also looks great. At first I was skeptical, but now I’m a convert. My perfect steak changed my mind!

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