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LYPERTEK PurePlay Z7 Review – Out of the box, there is a comprehensive set of accessories. Firstly, a selection of rubber and foam tips in different sizes. The foam tips seem to suit my ears best with these, and the stems look pretty standard, so should be able to accommodate some after-market tips if you have a favourite. There is a perfectly serviceable USB-C cable for charging (although, I have been using them with Lypertek’s wireless charging dock), and then the charging case and the IEM’s themselves. The three models of Lypertek IEMs I have tried have 3 completely different cases. The Z7 case is not the smallest of the three, but I do absolutely love the grey linen fabric covering. It makes the case look and feel like a quality object to have in your pocket, and looks robust enough to stand up to daily use. Where the previous cases were rounder, this newer one has a flat top as well as a base. There is then a charging indicator light, which lights up different colours to indicate charging, etc. There are also some replaceable dust/wax covers.

The buds themselves feel really nice. The plastic stems from previous models have been replaced by a more robust-feeling metal one. Size-wise, there is no getting around it, these are pretty chunky. It seems like lypertek has tried to make them look smaller in their promo photos by carefully choosing angles, however, I don’t think this is necessary. On the hand, they feel large, but not ridiculous, and in your ears, they do stick out further than their previous models, but they still don’t look too ridiculous or overly obtrusive. In fairness, having them stick out of your ears more and give more of a clue you are wearing something is helpful for avoiding situations where somebody doesn’t know you are wearing earbuds.

Other than the line of gold-plated connectors, the small hole for the microphone, and the button on the outside. The overall effect is a pretty no-nonsense one, visually. Comfort-wise, they are excellent. With the right tips, these settle into my ears and feel like they’ve disappeared. I can wear it for extended periods of time with no issues whatsoever. It is worth noting that the stems are slightly wider than on previous models, so if you have tiny ears that is something to consider, but well within the normal range!

I haven’t gone so far as to test the battery life claims made, but they last long enough that I am yet to have any issues with them running out at an inopportune moment.

LYPERTEK PurePlay Z7 Review

LYPERTEK PurePlay Z7 Review

The lypertek PureControl app is fairly basic, with a pretty decent equaliser, some sensible presets, a place to change the settings for what the buttons on the earbuds actually control, a “find my earbuds” section (which I haven’t ended up really trying out, but if it works could be a lifesaver, letting you know where the earbuds were when they last disconnected). There’s also a hear-through setting, which would allow a bit more noise-through to allow a conversation when still wearing the buds, and lastly Lypertek’s LDX Audio setting.

This appears to be a DSP which gives a little boost to the volume, a touch more bass, and in general a little more clarity. Given that there seem to be no negative effects of this, I wonder why they didn’t just leave it on permanently, and have people just enjoy the sound. But, I suppose more options give more to play with. I have done the vast majority of my listening with the LDX engaged.

Sound-wise, it is immediately clear that these are significant steps up from their stable-mates. The first, and even slightly silly, thing you notice is a much higher-resolution version of the “power on” message. It seems like a minor thing, but having that play and sound like words rather than an “audio potato-print” version of words is a real indicator that these are to be taken seriously.

The first thing to note when music actually starts playing is the bass. Leaving the single dynamic driver in charge of the lower frequencies only allows it to deliver really meaty, coherent bass. I always try and make a distinction between bass that is acoustically generated, and that which is synthesised. On the Massive Attack classic “teardrop”, you can get the sense of the synth bass thumps, without them sounding just like thumps, there being a bit more presence about them. Then with something acoustic like Hyde Park Brass’s “House Rules”, you can hear the honk of the low brass and saxes without it being muddy or indistinct.

LYPERTEK PurePlay Z7 Review

The midrange is really very solid as well. Female vocals, such as Jo Harrop on a track like “Guilty” sound rich and warm, with just the right touch of breathy edge. On a bigger orchestral track, you can hear timbre in the various sections clearly. They sound really coherent ad clear across this band.

The treble on these is really very, very good. I am pretty sensitive to treble peaking, and can’t stand sibilance at all, so clear and precise treble is quite important. Listening to something percussive like Yosi Horikawa’s “Bubbles” gave a beautiful shimmering top end, without sounding sharp or harsh. And Felix Laband’s “whistling in tongues” was equally incisive. More “audiophile recordings” such as “Smoke and Noise” by Chris Jones give the requisite string noises and atmosphere.

I am also more impressed than I usually am by the soundstage these little buds can generate. I am never too convinced that IEM soundstage is really a thing, but these do manage to develop a good separation between instruments and a sense of a 3D soundworld. Something like Amber Rubarth’s “sessions from the 17th ward” was particularly enjoyable, with the well-recorded band feeling more “real” than I am often used to with IEMs.

Overall, the LYPERTEK PurePlay Z7 are a really serious prospect. TWS IEMs have come a long way in recent years, and these are really solid examples. They really haven’t put a foot wrong while I have been using them, and are a great portable choice.

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