Lush Snow Fairy Bath Bomb Review

Lush Snow Fairy Bath Bomb



Santa takes a seat, the Lush Snow Fairy Bath Bomb has arrived to shine a light on your inner kindness, courage, and confidence. Dropping this enchanted bath bomb into the bath water will release a warm glow feeling as you embrace your true self.

Snow Fairy is freakin’ gorgeous in the tub. Pink, my favourite colour, and minuscule glitter under water. As soon as the bath bomb hits the water, it spews out pink foam, but a ray of dark pink here and there, as well as some plumes of blue. When I let the bath bomb go, it races through the water like crazy — even faster than Michael Phelps, while the water turns into a magical pink colour and leaves a thin layer of white foam on the surface.

Lush Snow Fairy Bath Bomb Review

The scent was average present — I did smell some sweetness, but it wasn’t too overpowering. The scent also seemed to be a bit mellowed down. The final water has a beautiful shade of pink, packed with plastic-free glitter water. They don’t get better than this.
Afterwards, the tub was easy to rinse and my skin felt soft. I couldn’t smell the scent on my skin, though. But Snow Fairy has definitely left a lasting impression on me.

I can’t believe I’m saying this — being someone who has hated Snow Fairy for years, I think I’m finally coming down. The scent is better than last year. I won’t be buying the entire Snow Fairy range now, but I WILL stock up on these babies!

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