Logitech POP Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech POP Wireless Mouse



Get to know the playful, Logitech POP Wireless Mouse, designed to make personality shine on your desktop and beyond. Pick the POP Mouse you love most from our range of designs, and make it your own with fun emoji customization.

The Logitech POP Mouse is a niche mouse that meant what I can only assume for kids. The vibrant colours are striking, but it’s a little featureless for more than casual usage.

The box the mouse arrives in is dinky and has an interesting mechanism for getting the mouse out. The mouse comes with a battery already loaded and a pull tab to get the battery started. The top cover of the mouse is held on with magnets, which is a double-edged sword, on one hand, this means there shouldn’t be any wear as you take the cover on and off to charge the battery, but on the flip side I found the cover came off the mouse regularly as it fell on the floor.

The mouse uses a single AA battery, whilst I’d prefer a rechargeable battery, the fact it only takes a single battery is commendable. The box claims this lasts 2 years on a single battery too which would be even more spectacular. I’ve been using this mouse on and off for a few days now and my computer still shows 100% battery remaining.

Logitech POP Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech POP Wireless Mouse Review

The mouse can connect with up to 3 separate paired Bluetooth devices and switch between them using a button on the underside. This is a great feature and wishes many more Bluetooth devices had this.

The mouse itself was much smaller than expected. The listing doesn’t directly mention this is a kids mouse but even though I have smaller hands I found the mouse a little too small. I found as a result I was making more accidental button presses as my fingers were resting awkwardly.

The mouse buttons were impressive, clicking feels nice and it is near silent. The scroll wheel also is smooth and frictionless but still provides haptic feedback on the scroll. I miss not having side buttons for side-scrolling or useful features like back/forward buttons.

Overall, the Logitech POP Wireless Mouse is a nice mouse for kids, it’s comfortable, light and stylish. The emoji element is a gimmick for all ages though and would have rathered seen a better use for the button. For £34.99 it’s a little on the expensive side for such a featureless mouse, however, it’s got great battery life so you’d save in the long run. If the style appeals and your kids love using emojis (outside of full-screen applications) then you could do much worse

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