Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard Review

Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard



With regards to the Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard, you can decide whether you like the round keycaps or not, and also whether you like the colour schemes or not. The construction is all plastic, but it has a nice weight and feels. You can connect via Bluetooth to multiple devices, but thankfully, you also have a dongle that Logitech calls ‘Bolt’. While this can provide a more solid connection to a PC, it can also allow other devices to connect via the dongle, such as the pop mouse (as mentioned before, this did not come with the mouse). They also include extra emoji keycaps if there is one you would rather use. While the dongle comes separately from the keyboard in the box, there is a compartment to store it inside the keyboard. There is also a power switch on the side.

I personally thought that it would impede my typing, and while it is a very different feeling from normal keycaps, I really do like the feel of them. What is nice is that you also get a homing bar on the downwards arrow, so you can navigate your right hand to it without looking. I think that every keycap set should do this. The main alphas, numbers, arrows and modifier keys (next to the alphas) feel quite flat, but they do have a slight concavity. The bottom row modifiers, space, emoji column and the F-row have convex keycaps. While one could use this for tactile navigation, other than the bottom row where the sides of thumbs are, I think it’s just an aesthetic feature, where the keys are split from the main ones. Although I do like how complicated some of the keys look, I can imagine that some may find it confusing and annoying to have something that busy.

Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard Review

A lot of the keys have multiple printings on: for example, many caps have a vertical line separating the functions, and this is for MAC/WIN. On the left side are the keys for mac and on the right side are the keys for windows. For Windows uses, we still get the alt gr on the right-hand side of the spacebar, however, it is worth mentioning that instead of the windows key being labelled as ‘win’ or using the logo, it is put as ‘start’ here instead.

Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard  Review

The switches are manufactured by KTT and are tactile. The tactile bump is not large and is similar to cherry MX browns. On the whole keyboard, only four keys have LEDs, and so, there are only 4 switches that have a translucent window to allow the light through (there is no per-key RGB). The light is for caps lock and the indicator for what device you are connected to. The rest do not have the translucent window as there are no other lights on the keyboard. While I think it would have been nice to include lights, this would have most likely increased the cost, which seems unnecessary since the light doesn’t shine well through the keycaps.

Another thing worth mentioning is that the keyboard is not ‘silent’ While there is no click in each pres, you do get a ‘clack’ sound from the bottom (and top-out) sound of the switch itself. While this is nowhere near as loud as a clicky switch, it is probably best not to use this in an office environment.

However, there is something that I feel like I need to mention. I imagine this won’t apply to most people, but only a select few: this is not compatible with most other keycaps. The switches are essentially MX-based switches, so most keycaps will fit on the stems of the switches. While the caps will fit on the switches, placing a different keycap on results in the bottom of the keycap coming in contact with the case of the keyboard, which is loud and doesn’t sound nice. This, unfortunately, removes the potential for you to change the keycaps in the future if you decide to change, and I could have given this 5 stars if it wasn’t for that.

Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard Review

People would normally consider this layout a (compact) 75% layout since you have the F-row, N-row, alphas and arrows, (with extra keys above the arrows). This is also a UK ISO keyboard, meaning you get the larger enter and smaller left and right shift. As a result, you only have three keys with stabilisers: the spacebar, backspace and enter key. The stabilised keys do not rattle much surprisingly, although the spacebar is more so than the others. You could lube them if you wanted to improve the sound, but I expect that this will be fine for most.

The software feels clean and simple. I was worried that it would only be able to connect via the dongle, but thankfully it can also do so with just Bluetooth. At this current moment, the software is very simple. You can change the basic function of the emoji key column or set your own macro. Unfortunately, these are the only keys you can edit. The rest have to be left as they are.

Overall, I really like the Logitech POP Keys Mechanical Wireless Keyboard. You get many keys, and in a small form factor allowing for more room on the desk (especially for the mouse). It being wireless also allows more freedom in usage and storage. I personally find wires annoying, so this is welcome. However, you cannot use this with wires. You get all the keys you need plus some (the emoji row), and with a cute aesthetic. I also like how the media keys are set as the main keys instead of the function keys (you can change this in the software or just hold fn).

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