Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse



I liked that the Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse had the double possibility to connect it with BT and with a dongle, making it compatible even with less modern laptops or stationary PCs, and the fact that the battery and dongle housing were under the top shell, and making it easy to access and keep clean.

Just opened I was impressed by the lightness and silence of the keys and the wheel. the feedback of the keys is quick and silent and the stroke is minimal. The wheel is made of softer rubber and does not give the idea of slipping under your finger. Making a scroll of very long documents does not hold comparison with a mouse with continuous scrolling, but for a travel mouse, I ask nothing else.

The Bluetooth connection is easy and quick. even with the computer on standby, the mouse waking up is fast and no delays are sensed. I tried it on different matt and glossy surfaces and on clothes (this happens also on the plane!!) and reading is always fluid and precise (I haven’t tried it on the glass yet).

Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse Review

Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse Review

On ergonomics, I was ready to settle and instead I found it very comfortable. on my hand, the wrist is always resting on the desk and the lightness makes it very easy to move without effort. I haven’t tried it yet on a plane or in uncomfortable situations (where, to tell the truth, today I use the trackpad).

I put a couple of photos to compare it with the Logitech MX Master 2S that I use from the desk. this is a travel mouse and does not have the comfort and sensations characteristics of the MX-2S, but in general precision and lightness do not make me regret short trips (up to 1 week).

Overall, I would recommend the Logitech Pebble Wireless Mouse to anyone who has to move with the laptop for short trips or that every day moves from one desk to another. For intensive use at the desk, I would recommend a mouse more ergonomic.

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