Logitech G413 SE Full-Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

Logitech G413 SE Full-Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard



The Logitech G413 SE Full-Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is supposed to be noisy, if this is going to be an issue for you then steer clear of mechanical keyboards. On the subject of loudness, the Romer-G switches are not nearly as loud as other switches, but not the quietest either. In any case, you can dampen the noise with a set of O-rings.

Now, as a user of Logitech’s G910 keyboard, I love the Romer-G switches. Mechanical switches are down to personal taste, some like a lower actuation point others rather heavier keys, so while the Logitech switches suit me well others may well hate it.
The Romer-G switches are usually likened to Cherry MX Browns, but I’ve never used Browns so I can’t attest to that.

Whilst I like the Romer-G switches I could not get over the design of the key-caps on the G910, they are abysmal. The G413 now gives me the best of both worlds. Switches that I love and key-caps that are sensible. I’ve always lamented the lack of USB ports on the G910 which is present in the G413. Although I feel Logitech missed a trick there by using a USB 2.0 instead of USB 3. There is also a simple but smart “pathway” underneath the keyboard allowing you to nicely route headphone cables.

Logitech G413 SE Full-Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

For fans of RGB back-lighting the G413 sports only Red LEDs. The Logitech Gaming software can be used to adjust the “brightest” level of the LEDs which you can then dim from 5 steps to 0 on the keyboard itself. There is a huge difference between LED back-lighting on the Romer-G keys and the Cherry MX compatibles.

Logitech G413 SE Full-Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard Review

LEDs on Cherry MX-type switches are on the outside of the stem, which means that the lighting bleeds through underneath the keycaps. Logitech took a different approach where the LEDs are placed inside the stem, so the lighting shows through the keycaps but does not bleed underneath. This also means you’re stuck with Logitech keycaps.

There are the usual programmable keys, a “gaming” mode which allows you to turn off keys you may not want to accidentally hit. If you’re a gamer then key response times are of supreme importance, and Romer-G switches are far superior in this context to anything else on the market.

Lastly, the keycaps hover right above the baseboard without any protection on the sides. Again this is hugely subjective but I like the design, and cleanup is easier too.

Overall, the Logitech G413 SE Full-Size Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a great keyboard with some awesome features.

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