Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad Review

Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad



With Apple’s recent release of the 10th gen, base model iPad (and its switch from charging from lightning to USB C), Logitech decided to update the Logitech Crayon digital pencil for iPad with a matching USB C port. If you happen to own the new iPad and you don’t already own the 1st generation Apple Pencil, there is no good reason to buy one instead of this Crayon. Let’s just say that Apple made the new iPad unnecessarily complicated the Apple Pencil. It requires cables and dongles and is much less elegant of a solution (compared to the Crayon, which just works).

My favourite thing about the Logitech Crayon is how seamless the setup process works, all you do is the power it on and start using it, there is no pairing process like with Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd generation). One thing to be mindful of is if you have an Apple Pencil paired to an iPad and there is an active Bluetooth connection, it can sometimes cause the Crayon not to work. But all you need to do is unpair the Apple Pencil and you’ll be good to go. This won’t affect most people as they are unlikely to have both. This Crayon will work with any iPad that supports Apple Pencil (1st and 2nd gen), there are too many models at this point, but if you own one for the last several years, it will work.

Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad Review

Logitech Crayon Digital Pencil for iPad Review

Some of the changes/upgrades from the previous model Crayon are subtle, but welcome improvements. It now has a physical slider switch for turning the stylus on/off instead of a rubber button. It looks like a larger version of the iPhone’s mute switch. I like the three LEDs to indicate battery level before it only has one which told you the Crayon was turned on, but not the battery level until it got really low and needed a charge (then it would flash). They don’t include a USB C cable in the box, I guess the thinking is that you will just use the same cable that you use to charge your iPad (since Apple has yet to remove power adapters from being included with iPads).

This Crayon has the tilt function of the Pencil, which adjusts the thickness of the line being drawn, it does NOT have the pressure sensitivity feature or the tap feature to switch between drawing/writing and the eraser.

Overall, I think the Logitech Crayon digital pencil for iPad is perfect for anyone who just uses it for taking notes and perhaps some sketching. Artists or anyone serious about drawing and creating images on their iPad, those people would likely be better served by buying the Apple Pencil.

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