LINDY USB Port Blocker Review

LINDY USB Port Blocker



The LINDY USB Port Blocker allows you to physically block access to a USB port. This can only be removed by using the same key. This means that in a pinch you can have physical control over USB ports.

With this neat little device, system administrators can physically prevent users from connecting Pen Drives, MP3 Players and other USB Mass Storage Devices to their computers to copy data, introduce viruses etc.

Using this is easy. You attach the port blocker to the key, then insert into the port. You then slide the clip down and pull the key back out. This locks the blocker in place and can then only be removed with the key.

You can get different colours, for easy identification. The different colours can only be unlocked with their corresponding key.

LINDY USB Port Blocker Review

LINDY USB Port Blocker Features:

  • Physically blocks access to a USB port
  • Consists of 4 locks and 1 key
  • 5 different colour code versions available: Pink, Green, Blue, Orange, White
  • Each key only works with a lock of the same colour
  • Also available in packs of 10 (without key)

There are other options including RJ45, Mini-Display, Thunderbolt, and USB-C. These all utilise the same easy system.

LINDY USB Port Blocker Review

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