NOMAD Battery Cable with Lighting Connector Review

Nomad Ultra Rugged Battery Cable









  • Great Design
  • Rugged Cable
  • Good capacity


  • Cable Length
  • No USB-C converter

The Battery Cable from NOMAD combines a durable, nylon wrapped, MFI Certified Lightning Cable with a high capacity 2800mAh portable battery. The 500D Nylon woven in a ballistic weave pattern was originally developed to protect military forces from shrapnel and bullets. The Battery Cable keeps your iPhone charged through the toughest of adventures.

Lighting Connector Battery Cable from NOMAD Review

There isn’t much to the unboxing experience, as once opened there isn’t much in there except the cable and instructions. I am a massive fan of the braided design, not only does it protect the cable for longer, but it also means that it will look good in the process.

The 1.5m long cable is a great length for me, as it gives me a little bit of slack when syncing or charging my phone. The included rubber cable tidy also means I can wrap up and store the cable when not in use.

NOMAD Battery Cable with Lighting Connector Specs:

  • Ultra Rugged Ballistic Nylon
  • Vulcanized LSR silicone cable tie
  • Robust aluminium housing
  • Capacity: 2,800mAh (8.6wh)
  • Input: USB A 5V/1.5A
  • Output: Apple Lightning 5V/1.5A
  • Length: 1.5 meter
  • iPhone 5 through iPhone X
  • It is not designed for iPad
Lighting Connector Battery Cable from NOMAD Review

Once I have plugged the phone in, the battery instantly starts charging the device. I found this out first hand when the power went out halfway through charging my device, as the battery kicked in and allowed me to keep charging my device.

The braided design means that it hasn’t frayed at all in use. It has held up to a lot of tugging and rubbing when in my bag or pocket. Though it does restrict the movement a bit and I found it difficult to move the cable around when I wanted to use my device.

Lighting Connector Battery Cable from NOMAD Review

At 2800 mAh the capacity is big enough to fully charge an iPhone 8. When I charge my device, the battery on the cable is charging at the same time, genius! Please, check out our other charging reviews.

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