LIFX Beam Starter Kit Review

LIFX Beam Starter Kit



The LIFX Beam Starter Kit is a Wi-Fi enabled, modular lighting system which artfully blends millions of colours and variable white light across its surface – no hub required. Each pack provides you with six beams which neatly click together allowing for customizable layouts to enhance the look of your household. Each beam has 10 drag-and-drop zones, providing unique color palettes to choose from. The LIFX app allows full control over your preferred lighting scheme whether it’s a bold contrast, soft gradient, or cool whites. Each kit contains everything you need to seamlessly connect with major smart home platforms and devices.

LIFX Beam Starter Kit Review

LIFX Beam Starter Kit Review

The kit itself is made up of six LED strips and a corner unit. The corner unit allows you to create add an angle to the strip, instead of one straight line. The strips all have magnets on both ends, and one special unit connects to the power. This is then shared to any connecting strips.

Attaching to the wall or bookshelf is made easier with the attached Command Strip. But the strip is single-use, this means that check the placement before commiting. You will also have to make sure you have given room for the 2.5m power cable to be plugged in.

After attaching to the wall, the rest of the setup is pretty easy. You just download the LIFX app and then run through the link process. This goes through connecting to the wifi network etc.

Once the app is connected, you then have access to 61 customisable zones per pack, exclusive effects, 16 million colours, and Polychrome. Polychrome is many colours working independently to give ombre colour from a single light. This gives more control, more features, more ways to use light.

LIFX Beam Starter Kit Review

The app dashboard now has your lights presented and controlled in their groups. With easy shortcuts to control the group, or switch to individual light view. Schedules, including Day & Dusk, are now in one place and easy to browse. Wake up how you want, the transition to evening lights, and set yourself off to sleep even more easily.

LIFX Beam Starter Kit Review

LIFX Effects are showstoppers. Flame, Flicker or Move, you can now start with the effect and target the exact lights you want. Find them grouped with your saved scenes. Like scenes, once set, you can then activate with one touch. This new Discover section of the app is a simple tap or drag away. Go here to shop, find product info, read blogs, and figure out the how-to.

Also, you can now personalise the look of your app. Why not use a photo of each room lit up? (But we get it. Some of you will have multiple pictures of your cat. You just do you).

Each bar has 10 colour points, which can be controlled independently. Allowing you to display 10 different colour pallettes per bar.

The LIFX Beam comes into its own though when you start really delving into its customization options.

LIFX Beam Starter Kit Review

Each Beam bar has ten individual colour customization points – these can be set to any number of combinations of colour, either as defined blocks or blending from one shade to another.

Alexa, Google Home, IFTTT integration are all included, so allow for a bevvy of commands.

Overall, The LIFX Beam is a statement, rather than a room light. It’s used to create an aura or feeling in a room, just by using the app. If you are after the next big talking piece, then this is it. Finally, check out our site for other reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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