KOVOL 140W USB C Power Adapter Review

KOVOL 140W USB C Power Adapter Review



With blazing-fast PD 3.1 charging technology – KOVOL 140W USB C Power Adapter designed specifically for MacBook Pro gives you groundbreaking performance and amazing laptop charging speeds. Add to that PPS/QC 3.0 and multiple levels of charging protection, all of your device charging needs can be handled by this wall charger.

This 140 watt charger easily handles powering and charging my MacBook Pro with no issues. It’s about the same size and weight as a 140 Watt USB-C MacBook Power Brick at 257 grams whilst offering more outputs. The USB Power Delivery 3.0 power management chip built into the charger will automatically adjust the power output required for your devices maximum supported charging speed, and the maximum capable output of the charger.

KOVOL 140W USB C Power Adapter Review

The first USB-C port can output a maximum of 120W, which is more than enough power for most fast charging laptops. The single USB-A port can output a maximum of 18W. Bear in mind the charger is capable of a total output of 140 watts max, so when multiple devices are connected the charger will automatically adjust the charging rates per port to ensure each port offers charging. I can charge my 16” MacBook Pro and PS5/Xbox controllers at high speed, or charge my 16” Mabook Pro and 13” MacBook Air at a slower speed and the charger will automatically adjust the rate of charging. Just make sure you’re using compatible USB-C/A cables that can support high amperage charging.

KOVOL 140W USB C Power Adapter Review

The charger itself feels very high quality, its made with sturdy textured plastics and it has a reassuring heft to it. It comes in a compact branded box, but inside you get just the charger, no cables are included so you’ll need to make sure you already have them.

In the time using it charging devices, it didn’t get really hot like my MacBook Charger would, just warm to the touch. This charger is able to achieve a smaller and more compact design thanks to Gallium Nitride (GaN), a material that’s now being more widely used in semiconductors and power applications instead of silicone thanks to its lower resistance and more efficient power conversion and safety features.

I really liked the LED indicator that shows if its powered on and/or charging a device, as otherwise there’d be no way to tell its working unless you plug in a device and check its charging.

Overall, the KOVOL 140W USB C Power Adapter is a high quality GaN charger that brings the future of charging tech into a compact and efficient package. If you’re looking for a quality multi-port replacement charger, this fits the bill.

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