Kleeneze Pet Foam Dustpan and Brush Review

Kleeneze Pet Foam Dustpan and Brush



Great for cleaning spillages or everyday hair and fluff, this Kleeneze Pet Foam Dustpan and Brush is ideal for families with pets. Suitable for use on most hard floors, the dustpan and brush are perfect for easily collecting dirt or hair in one swoop. Designed with a foam brush that can be used damp to collect fine dust, the dustpan and brush are lightweight making it comfortable to hold when cleaning. Measuring 34 x 22 x 12 cm, the dustpan and brush clip together for convenient storage.

Kleeneze Pet Foam Dustpan and Brush Review

I hate cleaning and the manual labour involved thus why I bought a cordless Dyson to clean my porcelain floor tiles on all of the ground floors. Dyson does not do as it promised so I reverted to getting on my hands and knees with this dustpan set.

Well, the brush is brilliant, getting into all manner of nooks and crannies and around my kitchen island legs, allowing me to clean my stairs properly.

I was unaware you could use foam to clean up pet hair, but this thing works. On tile and hardwood floors, you can drag the foam handle around and it picks it all up. You can wet the end and drag it around to collect dust and smaller particles.

When the cats shredded during the bursts of hot weather you can pick up all the hair in one go. The dustpan and brush have a compact design so you can clip them both together for convenient storage.

It’s also incredibly lightweight and comfortable to hold. I am not a huge fan of pink and grey, but this doesn’t stop it from being useful.

Overall, I recommend the Kleeneze Pet Foam Dustpan and Brush for any pet owners.

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