KIWIHOME LED Star Projector Review

KIWIHOME LED Star Projector



The KIWIHOME LED Star Projector supports dynamic effect projections and 4 basic colours (green, red, white, blue), bi-colours, tri-colours, four-colour, a total of 15 aurora colours. You can adjust the 3-level brightness and 4-level speed to create a unique and peaceful atmosphere, bringing you an immersive vision of travelling in the northern lights, enjoying the beauty of nature.

The aurora projector can be combined with a Bluetooth speaker or be used as a white noise sound machine. There are 3 ways to control this projector, wifi mode, smart APP control, or voice control.

KIWIHOME LED Star Projector Review

Download the newest Smart Life or Tuya Smart app to customize the aurora world. You can choose from 16 million vision effects, release the stars breathing mode, control 48 scenario modes, even DIY scene modes. The built-in 4H auto-off timer is so convenient, you don’t need to remember to go back and turn it off after you or your kids fall asleep. Also, you can set a 1H/2H timer any time you want via APP or the remote.

The lights work well. The only downside I can find here is that the stars stay green. Not a deal killer, just something to be aware of. There are multiple modes, colour settings, and you can set up custom profiles as well.

Bluetooth and Wifi features work as advertised. I went with the Smart Life app and the setup was pretty simple. Turn the device on and off a few times, it blinks, taps a thing, done.

The speaker also works. This would be the weakest thing about this product. It’s fine, really it does its job and is based on price/features. It’s 100% adequate for what it is. So to be clear, It’s fine. With that said, I’m 95% sure it sounds hollow because of the way the speaker is mounted, not necessarily the speaker itself is poor. Otherwise? It’s alright for casual use.

Overall, need/Want a light that does cool stuff that also happens to be a BT speaker? Then grab the KIWIHOME LED Star Projector.

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