KIWI Design Quest 2 RGB Charging Dock Review

KIWI Design Quest 2 RGB Charging Dock



Is your Oculus Quest 2 headset a master of hide and seek? Are your controllers seasoned globetrotters within your home? If you’re nodding yes while managing a rueful smile, then this review might be the game-changer you’ve been seeking. Introducing the KIWI Design Charging Dock for Quest 2 – a solution that promises to end your woes of misplacing gear and battling low battery power.

Like a beacon amidst the chaos, the KIWI charging dock stood out in my living room – a stylish, clean, and well-designed piece that gave off an air of organized efficiency. It wasn’t just another gadget; it was a promise of order amidst the chaos of wires and devices. Yet, it wasn’t the aesthetics that won me over; it was the dock’s practical functionality.

KIWI Design Quest 2 RGB Charging Dock Review

For starters, it came equipped with two rechargeable batteries for the controllers, two new controller covers, and a headset adapter for charging. The setup was a cakewalk. Switch the controller batteries with the ones provided, attach the new controller covers, and plug the USB adapter into the headset. With these steps completed, my Quest 2 found a new home, always ready for action in its dedicated charging nest.

KIWI Design Quest 2 RGB Charging Dock Review

The base charging station exudes a minimalist charm while offering magnetic connectors that secure the headset and controllers firmly in place. It’s a feature that goes beyond mere aesthetics; it’s a practical addition that ensures you’re not left fumbling around with loose equipment. The dock also comes with RGB lights at the bottom, offering various lighting modes to suit your preference. If you’re someone who likes a touch of flair, this might be right up your alley.

The charger proved to be a speedy companion, boasting the ability to juice up the headset from a flat 0% to a full 100% in around three hours. For someone like me, who enjoys long gaming sessions, this feature was a lifesaver. I could say goodbye to the frustrating interruptions of a battery warning just when the game was getting intense.

KIWI Design Quest 2 RGB Charging Dock Review

In a world where the Oculus Quest 2 has established itself as a popular VR headset, thanks to its affordability and versatility, the KIWI Design Charging Dock steps in as a natural ally. It takes away the daily challenges of keeping track of the Quest 2 and its controllers, and ensures they’re always ready to jump into action, fully charged.

And let’s talk about the price – at £99, some might balk at the thought of an additional expense. But, if you’ve ever experienced the frustration of a low battery warning mid-game, or spent precious minutes hunting for that elusive controller, you’ll see the value this dock brings. It’s not just a charging dock; it’s an investment towards a more streamlined, more organized, and less frustrating VR gaming setup.

So, if you’re looking to enhance your Quest 2 experience and keep your gear always charged, always ready, and always where you expect them to be, the KIWI Design Charging Dock is an excellent choice. And the best part? You’ll never have to turn your house upside down looking for your headset or controllers again.

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