KIWI Design Quest 2 and Pro Clip-on Headphones Review

KIWI Design Quest 2 and Pro Clip-on Headphones



My love for Virtual Reality (VR) gaming has taken me on a quest to find the perfect audio companion, and I believe my search has come to an end with the KIWI Design Clip-on Headphones Compatible with Quest 2/Quest Pro. I have been using these headphones for quite some time now, and I am thrilled to share my experience.

As an avid VR user and gadget enthusiast, I have had my fair share of VR accessories over the years. KIWI products have always caught my attention with their innovative designs and commitment to quality. The KIWI Design Clip-on Headphones are no exception and have surpassed my expectations, earning themselves a top spot in my VR gaming setup.

The first thing that stood out was the headphones’ comfort. The makers have engineered the headphones with soft, adjustable earcups that can be positioned at multiple angles to create a perfect fit. This design exerted minimal pressure on my ears, a stark contrast to other headphones that left my ears sore after extended gaming sessions. The headphones’ compact size belies the comfort they offer, making long gaming sessions a breeze​​.

What makes these headphones a must-have for any serious VR gamer, however, is their sound quality. I come from a music production background and have used various headphones over the years. The KIWI Design Clip-on Headphones provide a high-quality sound experience that rivals some of the best headphones I have used. The punchy bass, smooth mids, and highs create an immersive soundstage that pulls you into the VR world. They also offer noise isolation, a feature I found handy in my noisy living environment​​.

KIWI Design Quest 2 and Pro Clip-on Headphones Review

KIWI Design Quest 2 and Pro Clip-on Headphones Review

The headphones’ adaptability further impressed me. They offer multiple adjustable options, with 14° swing angles, 147° adjustable angles, and a 25mm slide distance, providing a customized fit that adapts to each user’s preferences. The headphones also open up to 60° for easy removal and clamp in at 60° for optimal sound quality.

Another standout feature of these headphones is their clip-on design. They are compatible with Quest 2 and Quest Pro and can be easily installed or disassembled in one step. The innovative design solves the need for headphones in convenience and ensures a firm fit on supporting arms of head straps with a width of 0.98-1.34 inches (2.49-3.40 cm).

The headphones also address a common concern for gamers – sound leakage. The sound from these headphones is directly transmitted to your ears, preventing leakage to the surrounding environment. This feature is a game-changer if you are worried about disturbing others with your gaming sounds.

In conclusion, the KIWI Design Clip-on Headphones have transformed my VR gaming experience. The headphones’ comfort, sound quality, adaptability, and innovative design make them a must-have accessory for any VR gamer. I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a comfortable and immersive audio solution for their VR setup.

On a scale of 1-10, I would rate the KIWI Design Clip-on Headphones a solid 9. They are a testament to the perfect blend of comfort, sound quality, and innovative design. The only area for improvement could be providing more color options to match various VR setups. Other than that, they’re near perfection in my book.

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