KIWI design Controller Grips Cover for Oculus Quest 2 Review

KIWI design Controller Grips Cover for Oculus Quest 2



The KIWI design Controller Grips Cover for Oculus Quest 2 is more suitable for big hands, by extending the grips cover to make the controller longer, which can ensure that people with large hands can wear it more comfortably and will be more immersed in playing games without feeling any constraints.

The elastic cord with the button design makes the knuckle strap adjustable to fit different-sized hands. Just adjusting the elastic rope enables you to slightly adjust the angle according to the different sized hands or game actions, adding more flexibility.

KIWI design Controller Grips Cover for Oculus Quest 2 Review

The width and thickness of the hand strap have been upgraded, and the hand strap is wrapped with a high-density sponge, which makes the back of the hand more comfortable when using it. Tips: You can choose whether to use the hand strap padding and the wrist strap according to your needs.

The battery opening design allows you to easily replace the battery without removing the entire controller grips cover. You only need to open the battery compartment opening and then pull the specially designed plastic battery tab to easily replace the battery. Tips: The plastic battery pull tab is placed under the battery.

The transparent silicone halo controller protector perfectly fits on the oculus quest 2 touch ring, which can effectively avoid damage to the inner and outer parts of the handle due to hitting a hard object or falling and does not block infrared rays and control signals.

Such a difference to the standard controllers, more grip and control, non-slip rubbery material, fitting I found a little tricky but that’s just because they are a snug tight fit, after removing the battery covers and putting them in a safe place the controller slides in with a little persuasion the last push you hear it clicks into position than it’s just a matter of pulling the 2 flaps together via 2 buttonholes like fixings, the very neat part is the battery compartment can be accessed by a small flap door in the handle.

I don’t think I have very large hands but these covers are just perfect for me and with the loop covers I am happy my controllers are protected from little accidents, the knuckle straps an also very good as they are more protection from dropping and allow you to rest your fingers/hand between action, very pleased they have made my playtime much more comfortable.

Overall, the KIWI design Controller Grips Cover for Oculus Quest 2 really ups your VR game, get them now!

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