KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds Review

KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds



The KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds stay secure, and the customisable earbuds keep them snug when you move. Also, have been designed with bass-friendly sound quality to get more out of your favourite tracks and help you love your music even more.

KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds Review

The Funk 35 earbuds come with a chunky cube charging case. This is a little bulky to slip into your pocket. The earbuds sport a pill style. They have the classic Kitsound matte black effect, with a touch of silver for the logo. 

As with any earphones, you get additional tips to find the right size. As always, try them all for the perfect fit. There aren’t any wings with these.

Battery life is great, with the portable charging case, giving you up to 24 hours top-up playtime. Listen for up to 6 hours, then charge back up within just 1.5 hours on the go.

Nowadays pairing is a breeze, especially with Bluetooth 5.0 which the Funk 35 use. I can get 30 feet from my phone and still hear Tom Petty singing his heart out. Watching films on Youtube should very little latency. Volume controls are available, by double tapping left for down and double tapping right for up..

The sound is very generic, so good for any genre of music. Treble and vocals are OK, with high notes being crisp and clear. The bass is high, when you listen to the right tracks. Songs like Hold it Back by Chumash, Ragamuffin by Koffee or Quarantine Clean by Young Thug are excellent ways to hear the bass on these. There is no ANC, so make sure you have a good tight fit.

KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Overall, the KitSound Funk 35 True Wireless Earbuds are a huge step in the right direction. The use of aptX and graphene makes for a rich sound profile. But the lack of ANC on the earbuds is a bit of a negative for us.

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  1. Great review – Just one thing though. I have a pair of these and I’m surprised that you say that the bass is not very powerful! Listening to Flight of the Cosmic Hippo, my brain feels like it is being massaged, but the rest of the instruments are nice and clear – the sound is HUGE but balanced. Shotta Flow by NLE chopper – WOAH! bass is fat, vocal is sweet. I have listened to hundreds of headphones and would say that the best way to describe the bass on the KitSound Funk 35 is BIG – DEEP and REALISTIC. They are super loud too. Are you sure you had them in your ears right?

  2. YES!! Go for it – Try the 2 tracks above or maybe

    Hold it Back by Chumash (drop at 2:04 especially)
    Ragamuffin by Koffee or
    Quarantine clean by Young Thug

    What are your go to bass tracks?

  3. Bagabak = Tune !

    Try Ocean wisdom – Tom and Jerry

    Also – These do have a volume control – double tap left for down and double tap right for up..

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