Kingston Nucleum USB-C Hub Review

Kingston Nucleum USB-C Hub



Live the moment. Use the mouse, monitor and accessories that you’ve grown to love with your new notebook. With the Kingston Nucleum USB-C Hub, you can connect up to 7 devices at once and keep your creativity flowing. The Nucleum has you covered whether you want to connect to a larger monitor or need to offload footage from the latest photo shoot. With the Nucleum, you can power up your Apple MacBook* while also connecting to a USB Flash drive and charging an iPhone*. The compact size and built-in cable also make the Nucleum a perfect travel companion to take with you on location.

The product itself seemed solid, it was wired, unlike those disgusting plug-in ones which take up 2 USB C ports on MacBooks and are at constant risk of getting destroyed if you accidentally hit them, so I went with it.

Kingston Nucleum USB-C Hub Review

Initial thoughts, incredibly easy to use, nothing required, you just plug it in and it’s ready to go. It does not heat up which is GREAT given that I mainly work on my hard drive so that’s a big plus. All the ports work fine even though I haven’t tested the USB-C charging one as I have 3 more of those on my laptop, so no point plugging it on through the dongle.

The problem came up when I tried to connect either: Two Hard drives. One would eject and the other one would connect. It could not handle both at the same time which is a bummer. This also happened if I wanted to stick in an SD card, the hard drive would eject, and vice versa. This is in my opinion the biggest flaw of this dongle. Everything else is fine, the design is great, sturdy, and matches the colour of my MacBook, it’s just good overall.

Overall, the fact that you can’t use all its ports on the Kingston Nucleum USB-C Hub at the same time is a big disadvantage, you would expect that at this price you would get what you pay for.

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