Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Review

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch



Kingdom Two Crowns on Nintendo Switch, builds upon the challenging micro strategy experience with an evolution of the celebrated franchise. Introducing the brand-new campaign mode, monarchs must now work to build a kingdom that stands over time until finding a way to defeat the Greed for good. Recruit new unit types and develop advanced technologies to bolster your defences.

Explore fresh environments to discover new mounts and secrets hidden in the deep. Revisit and revitalize your kingdom in its entirety as you move onward through the campaign. But you don’t have to rule alone! Introducing a cooperative play experience that is unique to Kingdom Two Crowns, monarchs can now choose between a classic solo experience or seek the assistance of a friend, working together dropping in or out at will. A challenge awaits all who seek it here, whether you are a first-time ruler or a longtime fan. So be brave, great monarchs, for, in the end, Two Crowns shall reign stronger than one!

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Review

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Trailer

Playing a knight on horseback moving along a 2D landscape. You are telling your army to where to build and where to defend. You will need to build farms and cut down trees, this is all to support your growing army and defensives.

Characters will walk up and down the level until weapons or tools are crafted. They then grab them and start working or prepare to attack. You can also pay for more people to join in the battle. Exploring either end of the game will give you treasure chests and the portals from which enemies will spawn. There isn’t much of a tutorial, so I did spend a lot of my time finding ways to fail. Structures and armies upgrade over time, and you can even sail to other islands when you get boats.

I am in love with the retro 8-bit style of the game. There are little animations in the trees and reflections in the water which show a lot of work has been put into this. But in handheld mode, I did get a bit of stuttering, especially if a lot of stuff was happening.

There are a day and night cycle in the game, so while you gallop across the game the sun will slowly set. You will experience different kinds of weather. It can be quite relaxing to play.

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Review

The left and right travel time is a nice twist on the game. This can mean that armies may take a day to move across the battlefield. You have to bear this in mind, as anyone outside at night will be robbed.

Getting lonely on that battlefield? Don’t worry, you can have a friend join you. Local multiplayer means you can have a sofa buddy help out, you can even use single joy cons.

You can change your horse to a couple of different options, each having their own special abilities. This includes a stag who can lead deer back to camp like some pied piper. A nice addition was the option to load the game with a different skin based on a Japanese setting.

Kingdom Two Crowns Nintendo Switch Review

Kingdom Two Crowns is a great game to look at, but its slower-paced game style may put some players off. Finally, please check out our gaming reviews. Also, don’t forget to connect with the Jabba Reviews team on Facebook or Twitter.

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