Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set: A Kitchen Marvel or Gimmick?

Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set



It’s rare that a kitchen gadget prompts an existential question, but here we are: What does it mean to truly own your condiments? The Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set proposes that you can, and should, go beyond squeezing a plastic bottle or dipping into a glass jar—suggesting that you can take ownership of your condiments by creating them yourself. So, does the product live up to the promise? Let’s dive in.

The Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set comes neatly packaged, embracing Kilner’s signature minimalistic yet functional design. It features a 0.35-litre wide-mouth jar, a stainless steel mesh plunger, a stainless steel oil dish, a two-piece lid with a screw band, and a recipe booklet that seems more like a passport to Flavourtown.

Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set: A Kitchen Marvel or Gimmick?

Upon inspection, the glass jar exudes quality. The set is aesthetically pleasing and feels well-crafted, right down to the stainless steel components that are clearly designed for durability. The compact dimensions (150mm in length, 130mm in width, and 250mm in height) ensure that the set doesn’t take up excessive space on your kitchen counter.

It’s easy to underestimate this gadget. Place egg yolk, lemon juice, mustard, salt, and pepper into the jar, assemble the plunger and oil dish, and then, in a hypnotic series of up and down movements, you slowly incorporate the oil. After about 3 to 4 minutes, you’re greeted with freshly made mayonnaise. It’s nearly magical and a touch therapeutic.

While designed primarily for mayonnaise, this nifty contraption proves itself versatile. You can effortlessly whip up other emulsions like aioli or experiment with salad dressings. This means the jar set isn’t just a one-trick pony but a versatile appliance that elevates your culinary journey.

Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set: A Kitchen Marvel or Gimmick?

The accompanying recipe booklet is a splendid addition. It offers a range of recipes, from the classic mayo to various dressings and aiolis. This handy little guide helps novices get a quick start and might even teach seasoned cooks a new trick or two.

One might argue that buying pre-made sauces is convenient. But there’s something immensely satisfying about having control over the texture and nuances of flavour in your condiments. With the Kilner set, you can customize your mayonnaise to be as tangy, creamy, or peppery as you like.

Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set: A Kitchen Marvel or Gimmick?

Another praiseworthy aspect is Kilner’s commitment to sustainability. The glass jar not only performs its task admirably but is also eco-friendly and reusable. In an era of single-use plastics, this is a welcome feature.

No product is perfect. The only drawback is that the manual churning requires a bit of elbow grease. For those who cook in larger quantities or have joint problems, this could be a consideration.

Kilner has a strong reputation for customer service. However, the set is so straightforward that you’re unlikely to need any assistance, although it’s comforting to know it’s there if you do.

So, does the Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set redefine what it means to ‘own’ your condiments? Absolutely. The ease of use, versatility, and quality build make it a worthwhile addition to any kitchen. Yes, it requires some manual labor, but the end product is worth the effort. This isn’t just a gadget; it’s a statement on how we can engage with food more mindfully.

The Kilner Mayonnaise & Sauce Jar Set earns a well-deserved 9 out of 10. It offers an excellent blend of utility, design, and sustainability. Any minor quibbles are easily overshadowed by the empowerment and flavour this set brings to your kitchen.

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