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  • Killing Zombies


  • Single game mode

I’m a massive fan of zombies. Whether its Walking Dead or Day of the Dead, i don’t tire of killing them. So #KILLALLZOMBIES on Nintendo Switch throws hordes at you for to kill.

#KILLALLZOMBIES Ninendo Switch Review

This is one of the simplest games I have played. You can play this for around 5 minutes, post the score to the high score board and then turn it off. You keep going through bigger and bigger hordes of zombies until they get too much for you.

Also, there are different kinds of zombies including ones that absorb bullets. There are also power-ups, that help give you an advantage, but these will reduce in time whilst you power up. The one thing to keep in mind is that it is a one-shot kill for you, so you need to keep out of their way.

The hexagonal ground is a great design for the game, as the floor will change as you play. Holes will appear, cracks, ambulances and walls that you can’t get around. The controls need some work, as the aiming is very difficult to get used to.

#KILLALLZOMBIES Ninendo Switch Trailer

Having played in dock mode and handheld, it looks better on the handheld. In docked mode, the graphics are shown for what they are which isn’t very good. Its very rough around the edges and the colour pallet is a bit bland. Even with the hexadecanol ground, there isn’t much to catch your eye.

The music is classic rock zombie music. Heavy guitar rifts that play well when mowing down the walking dead. It’s a very one-dimensional game, and once you’ve played it for a bit I think you may get a bit bored. The multiplayer is a great addon as you can at least try to beat the scoreboards, and play with a friend.

If this game was a fiver, I would say buy it for the time killing aspect. Apart from that, for the price point it’s at there a lot more well-rounded games out there. Finally, please check out our other gamereviews.

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