Kikkerland Felt iBed Storage Review

Kikkerland Felt iBed Storage



Keep cozy in bed, everything you need is within reach! The Kikkerland Felt iBed Storage is a convenient bedside or couchside companion that conveniently organizes pens, papers, notebooks, cords, and anything you need for work or entertainment for easy access wherever you are!

The compartment is big enough for travel and work needs, and the lid can be used as a surface for laptops, tablets, notebooks – even snacking! A great travel tool or at home organizer, keep all your work or play together with the convenient Felt iBed Storage.

Kikkerland Felt iBed Storage Review

Kikkerland’s Felt iBed Storage is a simple, easy organization solution. It features a storage compartment covered in dark grey felt and a removable wood lid to make it an all-in-one work or play station.

Keep everything you need for work, play or travel neatly organized and easy to access. The Kikkerland Felt iBed Storage is great for travel, work at home, or a convenient all-in-one storage and work/play station. Keep pens, paper, notebooks, cords, electronics and more safe, organized and easy to reach. Great for keeping kids entertained on long trips, as a travel workspace or a handy bed and couch companion so your gotta-haves are easy to grab!

The top woden lid is perfect to rest a laptop, tablet or even a portable projector on. It’s incredbily sturdy, while being light. The internal storage is vast and big enough for the portable projector and all the accessories. My only gripe would be some form of clip on the lid, so you could just pick it up and go with it.

Overall, the Kikkerland Felt iBed Storage is a must-have for any avid tech enthusiast who likes a nap.

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