Kiiroo Feelstars Leigh Raven and September Reign Review

Kiiroo Feelstars Leigh Raven and September Reign



The Kiiroo Feelstars Strokers are moulded from the stars real-life body parts. You can Feel each exquisite detail of their anatomy replicated in Kiiroos incredibly soft skin-like material, paired with a sleeve that is packed with ribs and bumps for your pleasure.

Kiiroo Feelstars FeelLeigh

Beautifully tattooed model, actress and performer Leigh Raven is a work of art. Want to be with her? Pair the Feel Leigh stroker with KEON’s innovative technology, connect to her exhilarating erotic content and you can feel every euphoric move.

Kiiroo Feel Stars Leigh Raven and September Reign Review

This one was mid-low intensity for me. It didn’t do well with short top-heavy strokes because it’s almost completely smooth in that area, but it can hold its own against the other strokers and that smooth part can give a kind of variety that some people may quite like. I’d give it a 3/5.

KiKiiroo Feelstars FeelSeptember

Infinitely flexible, actress, model and dancer September Reign has sensational talents. You can explore every one of them. Pair the Feel September stroker with KEON and connect to her erotic content and feel this one-of-a-kind performer in real-time.

Kiiroo Feel Stars Leigh Raven and September Reign Review

Now this one was pretty good for me, and high-intensity. One big gripe I have with many Kiiroo strokers is that their textures are somewhat shallow compared to Fleshlights, but this one seems to have addressed this. The textures are more noticeable with this one which is a big plus for me, and the “swirly” part is great for high orgasm quality when finishing in it. On that note though, I have to say that not everyone may be large enough to properly reach that swirly part, so for future strokers, I’d suggest maybe putting it a bit closer toward the entrance.

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