Kiiroo Feelstars Lauren Phillips and Molly Stewart Review

Kiiroo Feelstars Lauren Phillips and Molly Stewat



Kiiroo Feelstars Lauren Phillips and Molly Stewat Review – Have you ever wondered what it would feel like to be with Lauren Phillips or Molly Steward? What it would be like to feel their every movement on you, in real-time? The Feel Lauren Phillips Stroker and Feel Molly Stewart Stroker are moulded from their real-life body parts. You can feel each exquisite detail of their anatomy replicated in Kiiroo’s incredibly soft skin-like material, paired with a sleeve that is packed with ribs and bumps for your pleasure.

Kiiroo Feelstars FeelLauren

Imagine getting truly intimate with busty vivacious siren Lauren Phillips… in real-time. Well, it’s no longer a fantasy. Pair the personalised FeelLauren stroker with our Keon automatic masturbator to feel her every, single, move.

The suction power of the FeelLauren is pretty nuts when you tighten the back lid completely. I can almost dangle the entire stroker without even holding it, so if you want that strong suction and stimulation feeling then it’s a great choice for you.

Kiiroo Feelstars Lauren Phillips and Molly Stewat Review

What I loved about this stroker is the tight massanging sensation applied to the base of the penis. The winding sensation in the final chamber blew my mind. When you combine the two you experience a level of pleasure I can’t even put into words. This is a stroker you do not want to miss experiencing.

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KiKiiroo Feelstars FeelMolly

One mesmerizing performer, millions of fantasies – it’s time to get closer to Molly Stewart. Pair the FeelMolly stroker with KEON to sync her irresistible content to your real-life pleasure. Wondering what it feels like to be with Molly? Dive in…

There was so much I loved about this Molly Stewarrt Kiiroo stroker. The toy is an incredibly satisfying product especially because of the combined effect of chambers four and five. As a huge fan of Molly Stewart I must admit I instantly fell in love with the opening. The idea of being this close to her was such a turn on.

Kiiroo Feelstars Lauren Phillips and Molly Stewat Review

I love the feel of the penetration and the stimulation that it gives me when I use it. Molly Stewart’s labia are semi large and they act as a funnel so I can penetrate it without using my hands to hold it.

The internal texture is quite tight but loosen the back lid makes it soft and less stimulating. I found it hard to last more than 5 minutes with the lid completely tighten and maximum stimulation.

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