Kiiroo FeelRae + Keon + FeelStroker + Arctic (cooling) Lube Ultimate Pleasure Bundle Review

Kiiroo FeelRae + Keon + FeelStroker + Arctic (cooling) Lube Ultimate Pleasure Bundle



The Kiiroo FeelRae + Keon + FeelStroker + Arctic (cooling) Lube Ultimate Pleasure Bundle. With more bang for your buck! Have you ever wondered what it would Feel like to be with Rae Lil Black? Or what it would be like to Feel her every movement on you, in real-time?

Kiiroo FeelRae + Keon + FeelStroker + Arctic (cooling) Lube Ultimate Pleasure Bundle Review

Kiiroo FeelRae + Keon + FeelStroker + Arctic (cooling) Lube Ultimate Pleasure Bundle Review

The Feel Rae Lil Black Stroker was moulded from her real-life body parts. You can Feel each exquisite detail of her anatomy replicated in our incredibly soft skin-like material, paired with a sleeve that is packed with ribs and bumps for your pleasure.

The Original Feel Stroker was designed with maximum pleasure in mind.

This combo pack will let you have the best of both worlds. 

Embodying both innovation and design in a small, compact casing; KEON is the ultimate automatic Sex Toy for Men. Its ergonomic shape and intuitive grip control help optimize your experience in limitless ways. All you need to do is let KEON unleash your fantasies without constraints.

Capabilities of KEON by KIIROO include: 

  • Connect with other KIIROO or FeelTechnology-enabled toys 
  • The ability to connect with 2D and Virtual Reality interactive adult content 
  • Connect to interactive webcams 
  • Reach speeds of up to 230 strokes per minute in its shortest, fastest mode.

The primary thing I love about the FeelRae is that it’s the closest feeling to vaginal sex I’ve ever had while masturbating either manually or with any toy. While no toy will ever replace or perfectly simulate sex with an actual person, if you warm the sleeve up, stick it in the KEON, and put a blindfold on, you could be forgiven for thinking a woman was actually riding you.

The entrance alone feels incredible. I was excited to try the sleeve the first time and didn’t know what to expect but just the initial penetration made my toes curl. The texture of the entire sleeve is nearly perfect and makes it the most versatile stroker I’ve ever used. It’s a perfect middle-of-the-road intensity. If you’re incredibly horny, have limited time, and just need to finish as quickly as possible, turn up the stroke length and speed on the KEON and the FeelRae can bring you to orgasm in 30 seconds. However, if you’re wanting a more drawn out experience you can edge with nearly complete control for as long as the KEON batteries will last (the longest I used it for was about 45 minutes).

The sleeve’s texture makes it so you can have total control over how quickly you finish just by manipulating the speed, length, and angle of penetration. If you’re looking to purchase just a single sleeve that can satisfy you regardless of what experience you’re looking for, the FeelRae is a fantastic option. If you’re in a long-distance relationship, the realistic feeling of the FeelRae paired with the wireless interaction of the KEON also make it a perfect toy for virtual sex with a partner.

The look of the orifice is fantastic. While the standard KIIROO sleeve looks nice, the Apolonia’s entrance looks much closer to an actual vulva. I also appreciate the understated black colour and reasonable size of the casing. I’ve always found the standard Fleshlight case to be a bit obnoxiously large. The KIIROO case is incredibly discrete and easy to hide, especially if you live with roommates.

I live in a small apartment with a roommate and was initially concerned about how loud it would be during “enthusiastic” use with high suction when it came to slurping and squelching noises (Fleshlight owners will understand what I mean). I was pleasantly surprised that no matter how high you turned the suction and how deep or fast you penetrated the toy, it was shockingly quiet. The decreased volume doesn’t seem to come at the cost of suction power either, as I was able to get the same if not stronger suction than any other toy with adjustable caps I’ve used before.

Kiiroo FeelRae + Keon + FeelStroker + Arctic (cooling) Lube Ultimate Pleasure Bundle Review

As for the feeling of the sleeve material itself, I loved it. The firmness of it felt the closest to the flesh around the pelvis/thigh area of any other toy I’ve used that advertised material that was “realistic”. I also found that, unlike other strokers I’ve used, the FeelRae (and every other KIIROO sleeve I own) doesn’t get sticky or tacky at all over time without cornstarch use. I’ve used mine once every day or two for the past month, have never used cornstarch, and it has the same feel as when I used it the first time.

The sleeve also seems to require far less lube than others I’ve used. During a 45 minute session, I only had to stop and apply more lube to my penis and the sleeve once.

The sleeve is incredibly easy to clean. I don’t know if it’s the material that KIIROO uses for all their sleeves, or just the internal texture of the ones I’ve used, but running water through it for about 10 seconds seems to flush out absolutely everything. In the past, I’ve found that it is sometimes difficult to clean all of the cum out of crevices in high-textured sleeves without turning them inside out, but haven’t found this to be at all true for the Apolonia. The drying time is also incredibly quick. I live in a semi-humid climate, but it’s never taken more than 24 hours for the inside of my FeelRae sleeve to dry completely.

I have always enjoyed KIIROO’s products but was shocked by how much I loved this sleeve. The feeling of penetration is fantastic, I’ve never had an orgasm that wasn’t incredibly strong, and cleaning is extremely easy. In the past, I found that the maintenance required with most toys meant I only used them on special occasions. However, since I got the Apolonia, I find that I now choose it 90% of the time over my hand, 2 fun factory vibrators, a Fleshlight, and a couple of other KIIROO sleeves whenever I need to masturbate. 

Overall, the Kiiroo FeelRae + Keon + FeelStroker + Arctic (cooling) Lube Ultimate Pleasure Bundle is an absolutely fantastic, versatile, and toe-curling toy that every person with a penis should experience at least once.

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