Just Spices Starter Set Review

Just Spices Starter Set



Discover an infinite variety of dishes with the Just Spices Starter Set. We’ve combined 8 spices and a wide range of mouthwatering recipes in one box so that you’ve got everything you need for delicious breakfasts, lunches and dinners at your fingertips.

The Just Spices Starter Set contained:

  • Avocado Topping
  • Roast Potato Seasoning
  • Chicken Seasoning
  • Egg Topping
  • Italian Allrounder
  • Vegetable Allrounder
  • Fine Rock Salt 500g

The avocado topping offers a crunchy topping for avocado. Spice up all kinds of delicious dishes. For unbeatable natural flavour & texture. The roast potato seasoning allows you to spice up potatoes in the pan or on your plate. Perfect for fried, roast and sweet potatoes. Delicious with chips or wedges.

Just Spices Starter Set Review

Chicken seasoning is the perfect way to spice up chicken and turkey dishes. A quick and easy roast chicken marinade. Perfect for fried, grilled and oven-roasted chicken. Egg topping lets you spice up your eggs, whether boiled, scrambled or poached. Turn your breakfast into a taste sensation. Give beautiful eggs the perfect crunch.

I love the Italian allrounder it gives my meals a taste of the Mediterranean. Ideal for pizza, pasta, meat dishes and salads. Italian cooking made easy. A vegetable allrounder is perfect for all types of vegetables. Ideal for crudités, stir-fries and quiches. Get kids and meat lovers to eat their greens.

Overall, the Just Spices Starter Set is a great choice for any chef and someone looking to spice up their meals.

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