Just Spices DIY Chocolate Kit Review

Just Spices DIY Chocolate Kit



With the Just Spices DIY Chocolate Kit, you’ve got everything you need to make delicious, colourful chocolate bars at home. The spice blends contained inside are enough to make more than 5 different fruity, spicy, sweet and savoury chocolate creations. Friends and family will love this sweet surprise, but we’ll understand if you can’t bring yourself to give it away!

Just Spices DIY Chocolate Kit Review

The Just Spices DIY Chocolate Kit contained:

  • 1 x Anise (2g)
  • 1 x Ceylon Cinnamon (2g)
  • 1 x Chilli without seeds (1g)
  • 1 x Hibiscus flower (4g)
  • 1 x Ginger (1.5g)
  • 1 x Carrot (5g)
  • 1 x Mint (2g)
  • 1 x Paprika (3g)
  • 1 x Smoked salt (2g)
  • 1 x Pink Pepper (1.5g)
  • 1 x Thyme (1g)
  • 2 x Silicone moulds (food-safe + dishwasher-safe + heat-resistant up to +230° C + cold-resistant down to -60° C)*
  • 3 x Gift boxes
  • 7 x Seal pouches
  • 1 x Recipe booklet

To say I was nervous about trying this is an understatement. Melting chocolate, mixing it with new spices and then eating it was a new one. But, I was pleasantly surprised! The recipe book is clear and explains the steps for even a novice cook. The spices are “odd” but actually take you out of your comfort zone and I found I was trying stuff I’d never considered trying.

Chilli, ginger, salt, mint, cinnamon, and anise were all recognised flavours and very tasty to eat. Thyme was a different choice and was actually very nice. Even the kids liked this one. Carrot and hibiscus were not for us, they didn’t work very well with the chocolate and weren’t popular with the family.

Overall, the Just Spices DIY Chocolate Kit is a great choice for any chocolate lover and adventurous eaters.

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