Jumpgate dock for Switch and smart devices Review

Jumpgate dock for Switch



The Skull & Co Jumpgate Dock which they claim is completely safe to use with the Nintendo Switch. I have been using it for almost 2 months and haven’t had a single issue. You can use it with any case on the Switch. I tested around 5 different cases and they all fitted in with no issues.

Jumpgate dock for Switch and smart devices Review

The Skull & Co. Jumpgate Dock is much smaller than the original dock. It’s a lot lower and not as wide. But this is just the shell, which houses the Core Drive. The Core Drive is a detachable USB-C hub which has a USB-C port, an HDMI port, two USB Type-A ports, an SD card reader and a MicroSD card reader. This can be used outside of the shell, and with any devices not just the Switch. I have used this as a Dex hub for my S9+ and it works really well.

Jumpgate: a versatile dock for Nintendo Switch and smart devices

I actually have two docks, one is set as my docked mode, allowing me to connect and play on my TV. I then have one next to the sofa, which I use to charge it, before taking it out to play in handheld mode. The Core Drive being removable means I can take this with me on my trips and it can slip in my pocket and allow me to play anywhere. The Core Drive can be used on my laptop’s USB-C plug in order to give me some more ports.

Jumpgate dock for Switch and smart devices Review

Nintendo and others advise against using 3rd party docks, but I am using two, one with the Nintendo Power and the other with a standard USB C plug. I have also updated the firmware 3 times, without any docking or bricking issues. They also added an option for the top to flip up allowing air to run through freely keeping it cool.

Jumpgate dock for Switch and smart devices Review

Skull & Co., have promised that the Jumpgate Dock and Core Drive works perfectly even with the latest update, complete with video proof. With every update, they post a new video showing the dock working. A nice added bonus is the designs based on various popular Nintendo consoles. Finally, you can check out our other gaming reviews.

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