JSAUX Protective Standing Case for Steam Deck Review

JSAUX Protective Standing Case for Steam Deck



The JSAUX Protective Standing Case for Steam Deck is a perfect combination between a protective case and a stand base and has the advantages of both products. The steam deck becomes more convenient to play and adds more possibilities with this unique design.

All cutouts are aligned and the case will not block every port or button, half wrap design makes it easy to install and remove. Behind the Steam Deck, the opening holes solve the heat dissipation problem excellent. The ergonomic design for this Steam Deck case made it more comfortable and easy to grip for extended gameplay, a texturing design on two sides for non-slip can bring a better hand feeling.

JSAUX Protective Standing Case for Steam Deck Review

JSAUX Protective Standing Case for Steam Deck Review

I got it because this case actually includes the palm section around the trackpads which other cases don’t. It’s more comfortable to have the grip come up on the palms. The material is nice but could be grippier. It is rubber, but it’s so close to plastic that I can’t even dig my fingernail into it, which hurts its grippiness when sweating. My other case is much more malleable. the texture is also so uniform that it gets slippery while playing. (I spent 4 hours fighting Malenia using this case)

The kickstand is plastic, but where it clips in is just rubber, meaning that taking the case on and off will flex the rubber making the kickstand pop out. It also doesn’t lock in the fully open position which is a shame.

This case does the same error that all SD cases I’ve tested do. The area of rubber around the triggers elevates around the triggers to where they block your index finger when fully depressing. If your hands are anything like mine then your index finger will rest over the top of the triggers and hang over the edge. This case has a rubber lip that gets in the way. I ended up cutting it off so my fingers could comfortably rest on the triggers.

The case is very easy to take on and off because the corners of the device are exposed. IMO the rubber should be less like plastic and more soft and grippy, the triggers should be unobstructed, and the kickstand plastic assembly should also account for clipping in the stand vs relying on the rubber to do that.

Overall, I wasn’t too impressed with the JSAUX Protective Standing Case for Steam Deck.

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