JSAUX GP0202 Magnetic Cooler for Steam Deck Review

JSAUX GP0202 Magnetic Cooler for Steam Deck



With the Steam Deck in my hand and JSAUX’s Magnetic Cooler GP0202 by my side, I began my quest to test this latest cooling solution. From first glance, the GP0202 promised ultra-fast cooling and an ultra-quiet experience, which piqued my interest immediately​​. A fan that cools in 10 seconds and does so quietly? Sign me up.

Unboxing the GP0202, I noticed its compact size. Weighing just 78g, it wasn’t going to add much bulk to my gaming setup​​. The cooler’s design seemed robust with a modern, technological touch, thanks to the RGB light effect. Yes, it’s a small detail, but in a dark room, it added a subtle charm to my Steam Deck​​.

Installing the cooler was a breeze. It involved attaching a lead metal sheet to the back of my Steam Deck, then sticking the cooler onto the sheet​. Simple and effective. However, my protective case had to be removed for optimal cooling performance, which is a small price to pay for a cooler gaming experience​​.

JSAUX GP0202 Magnetic Cooler for Steam Deck Review

Once in action, the GP0202 got to work. It doesn’t have an internal battery, so it required a charger to function​​. I tested it with a 5W charger, but I noticed the cooling effect was not at its peak. JSAUX recommends using a charger above 20W for optimal performance, which I found to be accurate​​.

While testing the Tomb Raider game, my Steam Deck’s temperature remained relatively cool. My gaming session was quieter, thanks to the GP0202 reducing the need for the Steam Deck’s fan to spin up as often​. This small, magnetic cooler was truly living up to its promise of ultra-quiet, ultra-fast cooling.

I must say, the GP0202 impressed me with its performance, especially when I paired it with the JSAUX PC0106 Transparent Back Plate. With this combo, my Steam Deck’s CPU and GPU cores ran even cooler, and the fan spun slower, making for a more enjoyable gaming experience​​.

However, it’s not all rainbows and butterflies. The GP0202 did not improve the framerate of my games. I only saw a 1 fps improvement in Tomb Raider, which is negligible. And while the cooler did reduce the fan’s noise, the whine of the fan was still noticeable after extended play​​.

JSAUX GP0202 Magnetic Cooler for Steam Deck Review

The PC0106 Back Plate, while effective in aiding cooling, had its issues too. It got quite hot during intense gaming sessions, reaching 52°C after running benchmarks for 20 minutes. Thankfully, the Steam Deck’s grips remained cool, and the heat from the backplate wasn’t enough to cause discomfort​​.

The GP0202 and PC0106 combo also had compatibility issues with the back buttons on my Steam Deck. The replacement buttons provided by JSAUX didn’t fit well and were uncomfortable to use, reducing my grip on the device and digging into my fingers​​.

Overall, I would rate the JSAUX Magnetic Cooler GP0202 a 7.5 out of 10. While it is an effective and quiet cooling solution for the Steam Deck, there’s room for improvement. The lack of an internal battery and the need for a protective case to be removed are points of contention.

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