JSAUX Cooler Kit ModCase for Steam Deck Review

JSAUX Cooler Kit ModCase for Steam Deck



The JSAUX Cooler Kit ModCase for Steam Deck consists of a protective back case with its own metal stand, a strap to attach other accessories, and a front cover to use when the Steam Deck is idle.

The modular case cut-outs are perfectly aligned with the handheld’s output/input ports. Its eco-friendly PC-ABS and silicone material prevent the screen from scratching or cracking, so it’s safe to use when you carry your Steam Deck in a backpack or a handbag. The TPU wrap on its edges dampens the shock of a fall, reducing its potential damage.

The JSAUX ModCase also features a modular slider on its back cover. Level up your gaming experience by adding up other compatible accessories, such as the JSAUX cooling fan.

JSAUX Cooler Kit ModCase for Steam Deck Review

By increasing the airflow coming from the device vents, this small cooling fan reduces the temperature of your Steam Deck quickly. Also, it doesn’t create negative pressure. It’s sold both along with the ModCase and separately.

The cooler can be slid onto the ModCase, covering the top vent. There is a dial on the side to increase or decrease the fan speed. When gaming heavily I was able to feel hot air coming out of the cooler, until I increased the speed so much cool air came out.

Overall, I think for heavy gamers, the JSAUX Cooler Kit ModCase for Steam Deck is a fantastic addition.

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