JOBY Wavo POD USB Microphone Review

JOBY Wavo POD USB Microphone Review



JOBY Wavo POD USB Microphone is the USB large-diaphragm microphone that simplifies creator workflow and makes all voices sound crisp and clear. Looking for that warm broadcast voice for your new podcast or streaming channel? Wavo POD is the answer for you. Works instantly with laptops via an industry-standard USB -C connection. The polar pattern (Omnidirectional or Cardioid) can be selected easily, making the mic ready to switch in seconds from an interview to a solo episode.

Hi-quality audio 24bit/48kHz for laptops and USB type-C devices. Your voice will come out warm, crisp and clear, like the PROs. You are finally free to customize your workflow and manage your content with confidence. Creating clear and crisp voiceover for your videos will be now super easy. Great when live streaming any kind of content to be extra sure of your audio output. Perfect for the creation of in house podcasts alone or in a double interview mode.

JOBY Wavo POD USB Microphone Review

I really wanted this Joby to be good, but it didn’t work for me. I did many tests indoors & out with this mic & then shot the same vids with the built in mic on my iPhone XR. There was no noticeable gain in audio quality with the external mic, in fact I preferred most of the video clips without it, they were crisper, I found the Joby quite soft. I was hoping that this directional mic would tone down ambient noise from around & behind but it didn’t. It was the same recording voice memo’s (without video) no quality gain.

Overall, I wasn’t blown away by the JOBY Wavo POD USB Microphone.

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