JOBY Bum Bag Review

JOBY Bum Bag



The JOBY Bum Bag in red colour is a 3-in-1 combination of a Sling Bag and Convertible Pouch/Backpack is the stuff that dreams are made of. Available in a bright JOBY Red colour, this roomy design fits your favourite GorillaPod®, HandyPod™, or TelePod™ along with other personal items you need to get through your day. Got a GorillaPod Mobile Vlogging kit? This is your go-to carrying solution!

JOBY Bum Bag Review

Straight out of the box I put this through an extreme test by taking a trek out to take some photos. It was comfortable to wear, didn’t impede me at all on some of the obstacles I had including 12-foot wall and water baths. More importantly, it remained firm and secure throughout.

The belt is adjustable to suit your waist and secures firmly with a quick release snap-lock buckle. There are two pockets on each bag. The largest at the back has a zip that extends the whole length of the pocket. Also, it remained firmly closed during my walk, protecting my camera, phone and mini-tripod. Also, I was able to get a couple of energy bars plus my inhaler in there too.

The second bag is useful for keeping a set of keys, watch or similar within quick and easy reach during normal day to day activities. The front pocket is a small shallow pouch that might be useful for keeping a tissue, locker key or a couple of pounds in loose change. Also, the belt isn’t discrete with its bright red and blue Joby colours.

Overall, the JOBY Bum Bag is an inexpensive way to organise your trips out.

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