JMBricklayer Silver Cloud Review

JMBricklayer Silver Cloud



The JMBricklayer Silver Cloud front and exquisite rear shape restore the vintage trend, you can create a charming model car and feel the charm of an era!

Their model car kits built for adults contain 1096 bricks that can be built into a classic convertible. The colour of the whole vehicle adopts a combination of black and silver to restore the classic shape and design. The vintage front and exquisite rear shape restore the vintage trend, you can create a charming model car and feel the charm of an era! The finished model measures 12.59in(L)x4.72in(W)x3.35in(H).

The interior of the car is exquisite, not only has the value of the building but also has the value of display. The overall lines of the car are smooth and beautifully reproduced. The front hood and two doors can be opened, and the spare wheel is placed in the trunk. No batteries are required, and the vehicle can move with a little push, which is also fun. You’ll be amazed by the beautiful details of our model car kits.

JMBricklayer Silver Cloud Review

These model cars are made of premium ABS material, each part is multi-processed to ensure that it can be firmly joined, not easily deformed, and not easy to fade. Our building blocks come in numbered bags for easy building. Both adults and teens can enjoy the fun of building, you can build it with your family and friends. These toy cars also help improve patience and logical thinking.

This car model kit is a cool model toy and a set that can be added as a collectable. Our car-building kit is suitable for adults, teens, and collectors. Packaged in a high-end black gift box with a detailed instruction manual, this collectable model car would be an ideal birthday or Christmas gift for boys girls adults. It can also be used as a decorative piece in rooms, office areas, and in the car.

You can buy building toys at the JMBricklayer store with confidence. Before the product is packaged, we go through several rounds of inspection to ensure that the accessories are complete. If you find that some parts are missing during the building process, please feel free to contact us and we will reissue them for you. If there is any problem, we will try our best to provide you with a good solution.

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