Jam True Wireless Executive ANC Earbuds Review

Jam True Wireless Executive ANC Earbuds



An affordable solution with luxe, modern style, the JAM TWS ANC Earbuds extends your listening experience with 7-hour battery life (Bluetooth® only, up to 6-hour battery life with Bluetooth® and ANC), plus up to 28 hours of undisrupted playtime with the case. Dynamic 10 mm drivers offer a great combination of sound quality and affordability. Its elongated shape provides a snug, comfortable fit with your choice of 4 soft, anti-slip ear gels, so nothing gets between you and the wireless sound of TWS ANC.

JAM TWS ANC Earbuds Review

Unboxing was very simple, inside was the charging case containing the earbuds, additional tips and a USB-C cable (YAY!). The JAM TWS ANC Earbuds charging case is shaped like a hockey puck, allowing it to stand straight by itself. There is a USC-C port on the back, LED lights to indicate battery life and charging and a circular lid which slides out. Inside were the earbuds, which have magnetic connectors allowing them to charge once inside and be secure within the case.

I was impressed with the design of the earbuds themselves. They use the hockey stick design made famous by the Apple Air pods. This meant they were one of the most stable earphones I have tried in a long time. Each earbud has a button on it to control media and answer calls etc.

Jam True Wireless Executive ANC Earbuds Specs:

  •   7-Hour Battery Life (Bluetooth only, up to 6-hour battery life with Bluetooth and ANC), 28 Hours with the Case  
  •   10 mm Drivers  
  •   Active Noise Cancellation  
  •   Ear Housing Touch Control  
  •   Soft, Anti-Slip Ear Gels, 4 Size Sets Included  
  •   Compact Case  
  •   USB-C charger  

These gain points with a powerful but not intrusive bass, which also gives the mids enough space. But fans of podcasts and audiobooks will also get their money’s worth thanks to the clear highs. Furthermore, they offer an astonishingly wide stage, at least for in-ears, which of course does not come close to an on or over-ear.

The displayed heights also have an effect on the clarity of the other person when on a call. Overall, they offer a very balanced sound package that meets all needs and can therefore be used in a variety of ways. As far as the volume is concerned, they still allow maximum levels beyond what the audiologist would approve of.

I have to admit that I’m not a fan of ANC, I find it falsifies the sound and makes it duller, but there are certain situations where ANC is needed. The JAM TWS ANC Earbuds are no exception here and blocks outside noises when the ANC is activated, but like most in-ears, it reaches its limits relatively quickly with very low-frequency noises.

JAM TWS ANC Earbuds Review

The earbuds alone provide up to 7 hours of battery from a 1-hour charge. The included charging case charges gives them another 28 hours.

Overall, the JAM TWS ANC Earbuds have an OK sound, with adaquet ANC. But, they are yet to replace my over-ear headphones.

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