Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless Earbuds



Sometimes you need to tap out of reality. So do it with the Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless Earbuds. A combination of inward-facing and outward-facing microphones cancel noise from inside and outside the ear, for more reliable noise cancellation across a wider range of sounds.

So you’ll hear the shredding guitar riff on your favourite track, and not the biscuit-crunching, engine-rattling, people-chattering sounds of the real world. But don’t worry – reality’s still there. You can say hello to it any time with our HearThrough technology.

There’s no substitute for a good old catch-up. And there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from making that call, either. Jabra’s engineers spent a long time getting the positioning of the 6 internal microphones exactly right, so whatever you’ve got to say, you can say it from anywhere.

The external microphones are active on all your calls, but the really special part is the internal bonus ones, tucked away on the inside of the buds. They magically activate when it’s windy, so you’ll never have to say “sorry, I’ll call you back” ever again (well, unless you want to).

Sometimes, the beat is just too irresistible not to dance. So dance. On the subway. In the park. Alone in your bedroom. In the line for your coffee. Let the music do its thing on our powerful 6mm speakers, lose yourself in the moment, and spread a little joy in the process.

Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Goosebump-inducing, heart-racing, soaring sound that has to be heard to be believed. SBC, AAC & Qualcomm aptX codecs. Sounds super geeky, but they’ll make your music sound amazing. Imagine having all the music you could ever wish for on tap. And then stop imagining.

Get up to 7 hours in the buds, and up to a total of 28 hours with the Qi-certified wireless charging case. They’ve even optimized their fast charge feature to give you an hour of power in ten minutes, and you can stretch your battery out even further by using one bud while the other charges. So no matter where your day takes you, the beat goes on.

The Elite 5 buds are IP55-rated dust and water-resistant, so you can be outdoors come rain or shine (but we won’t think less of you if you’d prefer to stay dry…)

Sneakers or stilettos? Jeans or sweatpants? We think it’s better when form vs. function isn’t a choice, but a perfect partnership. We used the data from tens of thousands of ear scans to create Elite 5, using our unique statistical modelling to optimize them anatomically. All these big words basically mean they’ve spent a lot of hours making sure they feel as good as they look.

Overall, the Jabra Elite 5 True Wireless Earbuds look as good as they sound!

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