ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Bluetooth Earmuffs Review

ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Bluetooth Earmuffs



The ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Bluetooth Earmuffs are ultra-comfortable and easy-to-use Bluetooth ear defenders and are a simple solution for any loud environment. Over 20% lighter than other ISOtunes ear defenders, AIR DEFENDER gives you 40 hours of listening and talk time without any pain or discomfort.

I found these very softly padded on the ear and also on the temple. The headband is wide and super comfortable and has already saved me from one or two bumps. Music and podcasts are really easy to hear during lawn mowing as well as when drilling. Also, the battery performance is great. They offer up to 40-hour battery life. I’ve never run out of battery while working. After 8 hours, my cell phone still said 50%.

ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Bluetooth Earmuffs Review

Having no wires at all brings some big positives from a woodworking standpoint. Obviously, there’s a benefit to not having wires for tools to get caught in.

The difference that you can’t see right away is that the hearing protection is now omnidirectional. This means it will only reduce volume if the noise level tops 85db. So if there’s a loud sound off to your left, only the left earbud will trigger, and you’ll still be able to hear from the right. If both earcups register above 85db they will both reduce the volume.

These have a 30 SNR for noise reduction and offer OSHA-compliant hearing protection. A nice plus is that there is an AUX connection so you can always listen to music and save battery.

Overall, the ISOtunes AIR DEFENDER Bluetooth Earmuffs are a really great pair of earmuffs.

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